Job Seekers: Why You Should Try A Temp Job

Some job seekers are hesitant to accept temporary or contract assignments because they are concerned if they commit to something short-term, they will miss out on opportunities for full-time assignments. This may be a bit short-sighted because many employers are now using staffing agencies (and sometimes internal recruiters) to “try before they buy” job candidates. Related: Transform Temp/Contract Work Into A Permanent Job In many cases, short-term assignments are being extended and even becoming full-time opportunities for some workers.

If You’re Offered A Temp Job, Ask Some Questions

Find out from the person hiring for the position whether there is a chance the initial period of performance could be extended. Also, find out if the employer has converted temporary placements to full-time hires in the past.

Determine If An Interim Assignment Is Better Than No Assignment At All

If you’re currently unemployed, determine if this assignment could give you some valuable income and also help build your resume. If you can answer “yes” to both of these items, it might be worth accepting the assignment. If you do a good job, you may also be able to obtain a reference for future employers.

Find Out If The Employer Is Flexible

If your ultimate goal is finding full-time employment, ask the hiring manager if you’ll be able to have some flexibility with your hours should an interview come up. Many temporary assignments don’t have paid-time off, but you need to ensure that taking an hour or two off during your assignment won’t be looked upon unfavorably.

Do Your Homework About The Company

Find out the types of people that this company hires for full-time opportunities and assess whether or not your skills are a good fit. If there seems to be a legitimate career path, a temporary assignment could be an opportunity to get your foot in the door. If the opportunity is legitimately short-term, stay in touch with the person who placed you in the assignment before the job ends. There may be another temporary assignment available that you can be placed on so you don’t have a lapse in employment. Again, if your performance has been exemplary in one temp assignment, a staffing agency is more likely to place you again on another job.

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