5 Effective Tips For Landing Your Dream Job That Trump Conventional Advice

5 Effective Tips For Landing Your Dream Job That Trump Conventional Advice

Do you happen to be in the market for a job? Being thrown in with thousands of job hunters who are in search of the perfect position to jump start their career is hard. Unless you decide to be a freelancer and jump start your practice in ad-hoc office spaces, you will be fighting head on with everyone to get good offers from top companies. Related: The Lazy Job Seeker’s Guide To Getting A Dream Job Dressing up for success, customizing your resume, and pursuing your passions are, among other things, conventional building blocks for success. But, sticking to the formula for success can be a bit outdated. In fact, spicing things up a bit by doing something outside the box can be just the thing that you need to find the right career path. Here are some of the most effective (yet unusual) methods for landing your dream job:

1. Get noticed by offering a solution.

Amidst the corporate and industrial warfare, companies are looking for one thing –solutions! If you want to land your dream job, do not just wait for it to be offered to you, create the opportunity to grab it with both hands. Pick around two companies that you want to work for, be thorough about studying the field or the industry and discovering the challenges that the company is facing. From this information, you can offer a solution through a public blog or offer it directly. You can give them a glimpse of how you can be of value for them and, after all, you decided to offer your advice for free.

2. Do not send a job application once you find it.

When you see a job posting that interests you, you might be eager to send your application. But one of the most dreadful things about looking for a job these days is sending out applications and not hearing back. It would be better if you research the company, get in touch with someone working there, then ask for advice and let them be the one to tell you of the job opening. This way, you can ask where to submit your application and resume.

3. Focus on where the job will lead you.

There’s no denying that entry-level jobs can be very unglamorous, but you have to focus not on the current position but on the opportunities that can come with the job. If you work hard for that job, where will it lead you in five years’ time? Instead of thinking of your role, focus on where it would be easier for you to build networks with the industry’s top people, how to add value to that company, and how to ensure that you can be hired internally by the company to handle the position that you have been aiming for.

4. Learn when to use your listening skills in an interview.

When you are going for an interview, most people think that they are supposed to be the one to do all the talking. But, just like in real life, the interview is a two way communication process and you should know when to stay quiet and pay close attention to what the interviewer is saying. Know when to ask questions, when to talk and when to listen.

5. Stop following your passion all the time.

It has been established in the entire history of humanity that people do not know what they really want. Although following your passion can be a good way to keep you motivated, it should not always be the norm. This doesn’t mean that you have to disregard your passion but be rational about doing so. Passion about your work can develop over time. And, remember that a lot of people who followed their so called passions are stuck with a job that they abhor. These days, finding that job that you would love to wake up for each morning can be a bit difficult to find. And, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures; it may be high time to employ tactics that go against the grid. However, be sure to know when to use these tips and when not to.

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