How LinkedIn Endorsements Can Improve Your Job Search Efforts

Having already spoken about how LinkedIn endorsements can help and hurt you, we now turn specifically to things you can do with your LinkedIn endorsements to improve your job search. Related: 4 Big Tips For LinkedIn Endorsements And Skills The specific skills included to the Endorsements section can help employers and recruiters find you more easily when a search is conducted for the specific skill. So, if your profile doesn’t include any skills, it’s time to get some on there. It will help even if they don’t get endorsed. Take some of these steps under Endorsements to improve on your LinkedIn profile for job search efforts:

1. Add the Skills section.

You can do this by going to the Edit Profile page and on the right side of the screen, click on the blue “+” button next to Skills.

2. Plug in 50 skills to your profile.

You want to include as many relevant skills as you can to your profile to improve searchability. When you type in a skill, LinkedIn will also suggest relevant keywords, which are more likely to show up in searches.

3. Give the Skills section priority on your LinkedIn profile.

Rather than tucking this section down below, you may reposition the Skills section to a higher place in your profile, like under Summary. Drag the up and down arrow icon to the right of Skills to move the section’s position in your profile.

4. Tweak Priority of Skills.

Each time you accept an endorsement for a skill, that skill will get a higher ranking on your list. The one with the most endorsements will be placed at the top of the list, followed by the next highest endorsed skill. Sometimes this may cause your skills to be listed not in the priority you want. You can tweak it by clicking on ‘Edit’ in Skills. Where it shows ‘Add & Remove,’ reorder your skills. If there’s a skill you’ve accepted an endorsement for, but now want to remove it from the list, the only option is to hide it. LinkedIn does not allow you to remove accepted endorsements. Whether you choose to be active on LinkedIn or not, it’s simply necessary to at least have a profile set up with accurate information of your skills so that employers and recruiters can find you more easily.

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