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Good morning!

It’s Monday morning and you stroll into work exhausted with sand still in your eyes, wishing you could have slept that extra 30 minutes. You finally sit at your desk and open up your email just to see 50 unread messages.

Monday morning networking tip!

Nobody likes to have a flooded inbox, especially on a Monday. You may think that sending out connection invitations, and InMail messages to hiring managers and other execs is a good thing. You think that sending them out shows you are a proactive candidate. Well, you are partially correct, it does show your pro-activeness. Here's the thing, they are most likely just as tired as you with even more to do. So where does this leave us? Stop sending out those networking invites to these high level execs on Mondays! "But I thought that’s what LinkedIn is for?” You ask. Well, networking is the main point of LinkedIn, but on Mondays, there are much more productive things you can do on the networking website.

If I can't reach out to these people, what can I do?

If you have time on your hands, then spend it productively on LinkedIn.You know the small section where you list out all of your skills and people can endorse you? Is yours looking a bit bare? Take advantage of this time and endorse your colleagues, your friends, or your boss. Endorse anyone you can realistically vouch for.

Why endorse all these people, you ask?

If you start dishing out LinkedIn endorsements, then chances are they will do the same for you. The more endorsements you have, the better you look in the eyes of potential employers. Having more endorsements also ensures you appear closer to the top of a LinkedIn search for that skill or your field, so the right person has a better chance of seeing your profile ahead of the competition.

Here is a little secret..

Companies want passive job seekers these days (which is 60% of the candidate pool). They aren't waiting around for that aggressive job seeker. With LinkedIn being bigger than ever and LinkedIn Recruiter playing a big factor, it is crucial for you to have a fat profile! Get those endorsements up. Get those recommendations written! Do you want to work for your dream company? Then do this every Monday and you’ll create a much stronger presence on LinkedIn.

Want to learn more?

Posted below is a video that is part of our new weekly YouTube series titled: How-To Tuesdays airing every Tuesday at 2 pm EDT. Our founder, J.T. O'Donnell, explains the importance of endorsing and staying out of these execs' inboxes on Mondays. Enjoy the videos and be sure to tune in every Tuesday & Thursday to CAREEREALISM TV on YouTube for our weekly series:

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