How To Match Your Skills To A Job With Your Resume

Young professional updates the skills on his resume.

Have you ever wanted to apply for a job you realized did not completely match your skill set?

It's happened to all of us at some point in our careers, especially when attempting to switch fields. The good news is, winning a position when not fully qualified is completely possible. By using your resume as a tool, you can show just how great of a candidate you are.

Here are some ways to set up your job search, and potential career change, for success.

Read The Job Posting Carefully

A job seeker compares her resume to the job posting.


The first step in ensuring you add skills to your resume that align with those required by a specific position is to read the job posting carefully. Doing so not only shows you exactly what's required of the job but it also helps you examine your own skills that match.

For instance, if a company mentions in its job posting that it is looking for an administrative assistant with strong organizational skills and experience setting up meetings for company executives, you know you need a certain take-charge attitude to ensure the office is organized. Now, you can include your own organizational skills—and even show proof that you've interacted with top executives in the past.

Think From The Hiring Manager's Perspective

Thinking from the perspective of a hiring manager is not always easy to do, but it is possible—and necessary—if you want to add the right information to your resume. To start, read the job posting and even take a few moments to learn more about the company itself through its website or other sources.

Then, think about what you would hope to see on someone's resume if they set it on your desk. Would you expect to receive resumes from people who only have experience as models or background dancers? No. You would want to see how their experience relates to the position they're applying for. Using this perspective while writing can help you create a resume that will get you hired.

Show You Can Learn New Skills

Young professional holds some paperwork while waiting for her job interview.


It's important to showcase your ability to learn new skills by highlighting previous training, along with a willingness to take on new projects. One way to do this is by listing any training courses you've taken, certifications you've received, programs you're proficient in, and any other details that prove your ability to hit the ground running.

Some people who have acquired their dream jobs did not have all of the experience needed to claim the position—but they did submit a resume that helped them score an interview where they could then prove that they were right for the job. Don't let a lack of skills stop you either. Take the steps necessary to make your skills a perfect match for the job you deserve. Now that you know how to match your skills to a job, which position will you land?

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