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In today's interconnected world, it's increasingly important for even the smallest business to have a global aspect. From a self-employed freelancer to a position with a major multi-international company, whatever career path you choose can only be aided by the ability to fluently use foreign languages. Having a modern language degree means there will always be an outlet for you skills. Many employers will have vacancies suited to your own specialty, whether it be Mandarin, Spanish, or Russian. But what are some of the career options available?

5 Jobs Where A Modern Language Degree Help

1. Journalism

The ability to be fluent in communicating with indigenous people on the ground in a foreign country is paramount when it comes to working in some of the most exciting news scenarios in the world. Being able to file copy in another language can lead to opportunities for working with news outlets who take advantage of the speed of modern day communications and want to avoid the delays that can be encountered in having news reports translated for publication.

2. Banking

The world of international finance is one of the mainstays of the UK economy. The many multinational corporations who have European headquarters situated in London mean that there are always opportunities for those looking to enter the high flying world of banking, investments and money management.

3. Tour Guide

For those looking to use their language skills as a basis for travelling, working as a tour guide can be a socially enjoyable and relatively easy role to take on. Ranging from looking after students on informal visits right through to roles on sea cruise vessels or land based 'train cruise' continental excursions, the ability to get on with people is an essential prerequisite for what can be an extremely rewarding job.

4. Translator

The term 'translator' covers a multitude of roles which someone who is proficient in languages can take on. Whether working exclusively with the written word, as might suit someone who enjoys the academic aspects of technical translations, through to acting as personal translators for face to face business or legal meetings, there is a wealth or career choice for those who want to put their skills to work in the most effect of ways.

5. Teacher

Of course having studied hard yourself for several years you will be only too aware of the impact that good (and bad) teachers can have on the development of students. To be a good teacher is a vocation more than a job and fully qualifies for the definition of 'career'. The ability to project and share your own passion for learning languages is a valuable skill that not everyone is blessed with. If you're lucky enough to be in possession of it then taking up a teaching role is something that you should definitely consider.
This is a guest post provided by EVS Translations, a leading translation service that offers high quality business and technical translations in various languages.
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