Top 14 Most Popular Posts Of 2014

Top 14 Most Popular Posts Of 2014

Ah, another year has come to a close. Farewell, 2014! You will be missed. We've had some great times together and accomplished some great things, but now, it's time to move on to a new year - and new challenges! As tribute to such a great year, we've compiled a list of our top 14 most popular posts from 2014:

14.) 5 Parts Of A Cover Letter (A.K.A. How To Write A Good One!)

There are five parts of a cover letter that should accompany every resume. This article demonstrates the mechanics of a well written cover letter. (Read the full post here.)

13.) On Friday, I Quit Google - Here’s Why

On Friday, I quit Google. This isn't the first time I quit my job, but it will be the last. Here's why I quit one of the coolest companies out there. (Read the full post here.)

12.) #1 Reason You Get Interviews But Not Offers

Are you tired of getting interviews but not offers? Your attitude could be to blame. Here's 1 reason you get interviews but not offers. (Read the full post here.)

11.) 7 Sweet Summer Jobs For Teachers

Are you a teacher? Trying to figure out a fun way to earn a living this summer? Check out these summer jobs; they are perfect for teachers! (Read the full post here.)

10.) 5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree

Thinking of going into international business? Here are five different jobs available for someone with an international business degree. (Read the full post here.)

9.) How To Answer 7 Of The Most Common Interview Questions

This article explains how to answer seven of the most common interview questions and the meaning behind each one. (Read the full post here.)

8.) The Worst LinkedIn Summary Ever

During a serious job search, simply listing your opinion of yourself is the worst use of a LinkedIn summary you can possible implement. Trust me! (Read the full post here.)

7.) Don't Take Drug Test If You Know You'll Fail

Many companies are using drug tests these days as a way to weed out employees. Be sure to find out BEFORE you apply to avoid embarrassment. (Read the full post here.)

6.) Top 10 Resume Trends For 2014

New year = new chances! It’s time to take a fresh look at your job search and your resume. Here's a detailed list on the top 10 resume trends for 2014... (Read the full post here.)

5.) 5 Things You Should Be Doing If You're Unemployed

Are you unemployed? Don't just skim job postings every day... work on your job skills! Here are five things you should be doing if you're unemployed. (Read the full post here.)

4.) 7 Examples Of Fresh New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter

Spend a few minutes reading this article to discover seven new examples of how you can catch the hiring manager’s attention with a cover letter. (Read the full post here.)

3.) 18 Good Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

Here are 18 good reasons you're still unemployed. Appearance, networking, attitude, money and many other factors may be preventing you from getting a job. (Read the full post here.)

2.) Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words

Did you know including power resume words will increase your chance of getting hired by 80%? Find out the top 100 resume words to use! (Read the full post here.)

1.) 10 Things Recruiters Won't Tell You (But I Will!)

This post puts together the most common reasons why a recruiter writes a candidate off. You may not like what you read, but they all can be improved upon... (Read the full post here.) Best of luck in 2015!   Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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Man thinks about becoming self-employed

Look, I'm just going to say it. Not everybody should work for themselves. Right now, there's this huge craze about working independently, being self-employed, being your own boss. So much of this came out of the pandemic because people realized they wanted to have control over their careers and not be at the mercy of their employers' needs. But if you're looking to take control of your career, becoming self-employed is not always the best solution.

Still, there are many benefits to being self-employed. Let's take a look at those benefits before I dive into how you can take control of your career without having to quit your job and take on self-employment.

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Executive sits down with her employees during a team meeting
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Every hiring manager looks for different skills in the job candidates they're hoping to hire. Not only are job candidates being evaluated on the hard skills they possess; they're also being evaluated on their soft skills—the skills that don't belong on a resume but can be identified during a job interview. It's these soft skills that separate the good employees from the great ones. Executives, managers, and other leaders within an organization keep this in mind when interviewing job candidates and reviewing the performance of current employees.

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