Help! My Manager Is Stealing My Clients & Sales

Help! My Manager Is Stealing My Clients & Sales

In this week's edition of Well, This Happened, the series that lets you become a career coach, we tackle a workplace dilemma from Taylor. Do you think you know how to answer this AWKWARD situation? Let's find out...

Taylor writes:

WELL, THIS HAPPENED… In the last 6 months, I got a new job at a retail store that's solely commission-based. This is my first sales job. I've been learning a lot but still have plenty to learn. However, I'm driven and have been enjoying the work for the most part.

There's a system in place that allows us to keep sales even between the team. That way, there isn't just one person taking all of the sales. Seems pretty fair, right? Well, it was until my store manager started pulling some shady tactics...
A few weeks ago, she started "stealing" sales from other team members. It's gotten to the point where I'm barely making any money on the days that I work with her.

When customers come to our store, they can request to work with a specific associate. She's taking advantage of this system by claiming most customers are there to see her.

This is seriously hurting me and other sales associates. I've come to realize that, more than half the time, she doesn't know these people. She's just taking my opportunity to sell before the customer is even in the store.
As a result, I hardly get any chances to sell during my shifts.

She's just the store manager but, since I'm so new, I'm worried about reporting her to the General Manager. What should I do in this situation? Should I speak up or just start looking for a new job?

This is not an easy situation to deal with. Taylor has to balance his career while dealing with a superior who is demonstrating shady and unprofessional behavior.
We've come up with four possible ways to handle this situation.
If you were Taylor, how would you answer this question? Let us know by voting for one of the options below.

A - Confront the manager in front of other colleagues so they can back you up

B - Do nothing. She’ll get what’s coming to her eventually

C - Anonymously mail a letter the General Manager detailing the shady practices of your store manager

D - Start looking for a new job

To Be Continued...

Be sure to check back later this week for our follow-up video that will recap the options and reveal what the right one is.

Good luck!