5 Tips For Negotiating A Higher Salary With Limited Experience

5 Tips For Negotiating A Higher Salary With Limited Experience

Every individual wants to find (and stick to) a great job. But the question about salary is always raised. The moment you get the interview, you start to make all sorts of preparations. Once you are done with your first round and called for the second round, you are confident enough to impress the board with your credentials and skills. You are aware that they really want to hire you. But the problem you encounter is this: you would like to ask for a salary that's more than they are prepared to offer. So, how do you persuade the decision makers to offer you a higher salary even when they know you are less experienced? Here are some tips for negotiating a higher salary when limited experience.

1. Emphasize Your Skills

Emphasize your accomplishments from your previous company. Enhance your role and quantify your success in increased productivity, cost savings, and overall contribution to the company. Mentioning these feats help the decision makers recognize the benefits of having you in their company. Also, if you have received any awards, recognitions, performance bonus, incentives, and so on, mention those, too. Highlighting your triumphs helps them realize you are a high achiever and, therefore, worth more money.

2. Conduct Proper Research

It’s a known truth that you cannot negotiate without facts. Conduct proper research to find out how much is paid for the position you are recruited for. After doing your research, you should know if the salary offered to you is reasonable or not. If you are still confused with the amount, then seek guidance from your previous mentors or experienced friends. Listen to how the offer is presented. When the interviewer or the expected new boss mentions an amount, do not give a quick “no." Make them feel as if you are considering it. If you really feel they are low-balling you, then it’s the right time to speak up and say the exact amount you expect.

3. Show A Reasonable Approach

Know the lowest salary you can accept and highest amount you would prefer. Start with a figure higher than what you really want. You are actually setting up a plan for compromise and, if you are lucky enough, it will be right where you really wanted the amount to be. While mentioning a higher amount, always be reasonable. Do not make the impression that you are an over-demanding person, or that you are greedy and arrogant. This impression can really make the interviewers to close the door in front of you. Try not to be confrontational and never walk away from the job offer. There is always a chance that the interviewers call you back with a revised starting salary.

4. Be Flexible

If you really need the job, consider agreeing to the salary they offer provided that the company offers you with additional bonuses for your specific accomplishments. Be prepared to define your accomplishments. Money is important, but you should consider the complete compensation package, too. Try negotiating other bonuses and benefits, and get a written copy of the same. Also ask about the regularity of possible salary hikes. In any negotiation, your role is to acquire a win-win condition.

5. Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and demonstrate the exact skills you have for the company. Your presentation should reflect your enthusiasm and you should create an impression to the decision makers that losing you will be a loss for the company. If you really play your cards well, you are sure to hit the job you want at a salary level beyond your dreams. These are some of the tips that you could use to ask for a salary hike even with limited experience. It’s not an easy job to negotiate a great salary with with limited experience, but with proper preparation, a little psychology, commonsense, and practice, you can really make the employers pay you more.

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