#1 Reason You Don't Get Job Offers

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It's already hard enough to get a job interview these days. But here's the #1 reason why people don't make it to the next round of interviews or get the job offer...

Interview Answers!

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I always talk about the Goldilocks principle. Remember how there's too little, too much, and just right? Well, when it comes to interview answers, they need to be just right. Too little information gives the impression that you're closed off. Maybe you have something to hide. You're not confident. You're shy. Something can feel off. But if you give too much information, you might come across as narcissistic, give the impression you love to hear yourself talk, or you could sound a little flighty and all over the board with your words.

If you have trouble knowing how to answer interview questions, I suggest you look up the most common interview questions that you could get asked in a job interview and then write out your answers and make sure they're succinct. Give employers the information they need to know, but do it in a timely and concise way.

At the end of the day, the key to a successful interview (and getting more job offers) is good interview answers. So, whatever you do, don't skip that interview prep!

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