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In my experience, the problem with most types of outplacement services is they aren’t customizable and fail to speak to the realities of job search in 2012. For example, the majority of people who get laid-off have access to computers at home and would prefer to attend trainings online so they don’t use valuable time and money commuting to the outplacement event.

Outplacement Services Must Be Customizable To Succeed!

I recently had a laid-off saleswoman join CareerHMO, in spite of the fact her company paid $3,500 for her to be a part of the company’s outplacement offering from a well-known firm. In her words...
“When I lost my job, I had to let the nanny go. I have three kids. They wanted me to commute in an hour each way, two times per week, in the middle of the day to attend mandatory four-hour trainings for two weeks. I can’t afford to pay the sitter and take all that time away now that I’m unemployed.”
Instead, she used our online tutorials and "coaching by e-mail" programs to help her get her job search in gear around her children’s sleeping schedules. This is just another example of how the return on investment for the employer usually isn't that good. Companies who need to make large layoffs should consider a new type of outplacement service: CareerHMO. It's more affordable, measurable, and efficient. Outplacement services customizeable image from Shutterstock
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