3 Reasons Why Pandora Is A Poppin’ Place To Work

3 Reasons Why Pandora Is A Poppin’ Place To Work

If you love music, chances are you’ve tried Pandora, the popular Internet radio platform, but have you ever considered working there? Related:3 Reasons Why Employees LOVE Working At Zillow If you check out its Glassdoor page, you’ll see they like to have fun at work… According to one reviewer, they have concerts in the break room with kegs and lots of fun smiling people. Think its on-site concerts and kegs are cool? Well, here are a few other reasons why Pandora is a poppin’ place to work:

1. It’s focused on building a workforce as diverse as its music selection.

Pandora is on a mission to build diverse workforce. They see differences as strengths, and understand the importance of embracing and utilizing everyone’s uniqueness. “We’ve set our sights on building a company that will last a hundred years, and we need a plan for developing and supporting a workforce that reflects our audience; one that is as welcoming of all professionals as our service is of all listeners,” said founder Tim Westergren.

2. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is encouraged.

At Pandora, they don’t believe employees should be trapped in the office at all times. That’s why they offer the ability to work from home and encourage employees to maintain a work-life balance. “Pandora really tries to make it a great place to work by taking into consideration the needs of it's employees,” said one reviewer on Glassdoor. “There is really great work/life balance there.”

3. Employees take pride in giving back.

Not only does the company offer its employees paid volunteer time off so they can give back to their communities, but it also encourages them to contribute to special initiatives like its Futures program (an initiative that brings music education to children who wouldn’t have access to it otherwise) and its Women in Business group, which supports women entering the workforce. Want to learn more about Pandora? Check out its careers page!

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