Parents work on their laptops while their children play

Are you a parent trying to get back into the workforce after being out for five years, a decade, or longer? Are you trying to change careers altogether? Well, I'm here to tell you it is possible to return to your old career or start a new one.

Here's my best tip for parents who want to return to the workforce...

Start Small!

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My one piece of advice is to start small. Go to your local network and see who can hire you. You just want to get your foot in the door somewhere. You just want to get back out there. You just want to start working. That alone is going to give you some structure, a little pay, and an opportunity to grow your professional network.

Once you do that, people will be far more interested in hiring you for the higher-level positions because they will see that you've gone back to work at a lower-level position just to get back into the workforce.

Trust me, you won't be in that job very long. But getting yourself back into the workflow is the first step in the process of speeding up your career growth so you can get the job you really want.

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Executive with money in his pocket

(NOTE: This message is laced with sarcasm to prove a point. Reader beware and enter at your own risk.)

One of my mentors taught me a very valuable lesson the hard way. He told me I had great ideas, and my sales approach was crap. He even sent me to “Sales Training” to get better at making my point.

I admit I was terrible. I have gotten better over the years and by making mistakes. One good idea after another thrown in the circular file until I learned an invaluable lesson from my mentor.

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