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Simply put, your resume is the most important document in your career. It is your personal business advertisement that describes what you can do for a company and compels them to want to speak to you. Here are four good reasons why you should use a professional resume writing service for this important document:

1. You're not sure what strategy is most effective these days.

The rules for writing resumes have changed dramatically in this digital age and what used to work only a few years ago might not work today. Did you know that employers spend an average of 6.7 seconds scanning a resume? Do you know how to make yours stand out? If you cannot confidently answer ‘yes,’ then you should consider using a professional resume writing service.

2. Companies are now using Applicant Tracking Systems.

An Applicant Tracking System is special software that more than 60% of companies are now using to read and rank resumes according to keywords. According to Forbes, more than 75% of qualified candidates are not being seen because they do not know the rules to create a resume that will be recognized by these systems. Do you know the rules? If you don’t, then you should consider using a professional resume writing service.

3. It’s hard to write about yourself.

The best resume will have a theme or value proposition that answers the big question, “Why should we hire you over the 400 other people who have also applied for this position?” It is generally difficult for people to sift through all their experience and credentials and craft a summary that succinctly expresses their difference and makes them stand out. They tend to put down everything including statements that either are not relevant to the position or are things anyone can say and do nothing to differentiate them. The only part of the resume that everyone will read is the opening paragraph, so if you do not know how to create a theme that is distinctively yours, you should consider using a professional resume writing service.

4. Resume format is important.

There are three kinds of resumes, chronological, functional, and hybrid. There are also industry-specific resumes and skills-based resumes used by career changers. Do you know which one is best for you? Additionally, you should use the Harvard format, which shows roles and responsibilities in paragraph form and bullets for accomplishments. Other best resume writing techniques include writing C-A-R (or Challenge, Action, and Result) statements. How experienced are you with all this? If you are not, then you should consider using a professional resume writing service. A high-quality professional resume generally costs from $275 to $450 and will typically slash your job search time in half. This means it more than pays for itself in your first paycheck and will take a lot of the tension and anxiety out of your job search process. Is it time for you to consider using a professional resume writing service? That being said, there are a lot of scams and bad services on the web, so see our Free 10-Point Checklist on How to Choose a Professional Resume Writing Service. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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