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Is your company losing talent? Are your employees quitting and moving on to your competitors? Related: Solving The Retention Puzzle (Part 1) Here are some tips for reducing turnover at your company from Donna Levin, VP Care.com Workplace Solutions and Co-Founder of Care.com.

1. Understanding WHY employees leave in the first place.

If you’re having retention problems, you need to think about WHY your employees are running for the door. “People don’t leave companies; they leave bad situations, dead-end jobs, and micromanagers,” says Levin. “They leave to find greener pastures, professional development and work-life balance.” Understanding what’s triggering people to quit in favor of a new opportunity will help you improve deep-seeded problems within your culture. Fixing these problems will make recruiting and retaining talent much easier for you.

2. Encourage your employees to recruit for you.

“Not only are disenfranchised employees more likely to leave, which drains productivity and leads to costly turnover, they’re also less likely to tap into their network for referrals and spread the good word about your organization,” says Levin. Having a track record of solid engagement can bolster your employment brand and turn your talent into your most effective recruiters, according to Levin. Tap into employees who LOVE working for your company and encourage them to be brand advocates for your company culture. When someone loves where he/she works, it’s easy to promote it to their friends and get referrals.

3. Strengthen your culture.

If your employees are dropping like flies, it might be time to rebuild your culture from the ground up. Levin suggests announcing effort to revitalize company culture and inviting employees to take ownership of the project. This will boost morale, refresh your employment brand, and benefit your current and future employees. This post was originally published at an earlier date

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