4 Ways To Stop Your Resume From Becoming 'Junk' Mail

4 Ways To Stop Your Resume From Becoming 'Junk' Mail

Most job applicants assume that once the “Send” button is pressed, the email and any attachments that go along with it, like the resume, will go directly to the hiring manager’s email inbox. What many don’t realize is that there’s the chance it’ll get filtered into spam mail because of the content it contains. RELATED: True Or False? Do I Need These Things On My Resume? There are easy fixes to help ensure your email and resume doesn’t wind up as junk mail. Follow these tips:

1. Be selective with words used in the subject line and the body of the email.

There are certain words that trigger spam filters. Avoid using words like “please read,” “offer,” “opportunity,” “guarantee,” and “promise you.” Also, for those of you who are highlighting aspects of education, watch out for designations like “magna cum laude” or “summa cum laude.” Unfortunately, these terms are also triggers for spam filter.

2. Don’t use all CAPS or go crazy with exclamation points!!!!

Not only does using all CAPS break email etiquette – it’s like screaming at a person – it can also trigger spam filters whether it’s done in the subject line or body of the email. Same thing with exclamations points.

3. Avoid embedded images.

There are those who like to use a signature file at the end of each email, but these embedded files/images may trigger spam filters.

4. No links with “Click here.”

If you’re trying to direct the recipient to your portfolio, website, or blog, avoid using the term “Click here.” It’s associated with spam phrases, like “Once in a lifetime opportunity” and “Absolutely free.” If you’re still in doubt, try out one of the spam filter test sites. There’s Lyris ContentChecker and many others that allow you to test your email before actually sending it. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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