6 Creative Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

6 Creative Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Making your resume stand out in today’s crowded job market is a challenge. Your resume is all important as it will get you through the front door for an interview or it will be placed on the pile ready for the reject letter. Related:How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out Your resume is so important that it's worth seeking the services of professionals like Just Digital People, Alliance Recruitment, or Michael Pageto to make sure you are savvy with what is expected of modern job seekers. However, if that isn't an option for you, check out these creative tips that will make your resume stand out of the crowd:

1. Be Brief With Personal Information

Your personal details should include your name, e-mail, and website if you have one. Employers are busy so leave out your residential address, your marital status and other personal details. Be brief.

2. Show Off Your Skill Set

What your prospective employer is interested in is your skill set, what you are good at, what you can bring to the company. Make sure your resume includes an overview of your skill set listed in order of relevance to the job for which you are applying.

3. Relevant Employment History

Again, the person reading your resume has limited time and probably loads of resumes to get through. Making yours highly relevant will win you points. List any job experience you have that is relevant to the position.

4. Show Your Personality

Employers are interested in the type of person you are. Rather than telling them what you are like, show them. Give details of volunteer work that you have done, blogs that you write and events you have helped to organise.

5. Design

Part of showing your personality is adding your personal flavour to your CV. Create a design that you like, add an interesting cover page and relevant images. Think about making your CV a work of art; try adding infographics setting out your skills and abilities in picture form. A well designed CV will stand out and if it is logically illustrated it will impress. How you present information is important. Think visually, for instance if you want to present your acquisition of skills and experience consider creating a timeline. Use images, text and even video to take the reader on a journey. It is components like these that will help create a stand-out resume. Be engaging.

6. Be Passionate About The Business

One of the best ways to attract the attention of prospective employers is to show them that you not only know a lot about their company, but that you are passionate about what they do. Be creative, do your research, talk to current employees. If you represent your knowledge of the business in an engaging way that shows you have a passion for what they do, you will get an interview. Show your dedication to the company in your CV and you are definitely one step ahead of your competition. Spend time creating your CV, ask for advice and get a professional opinion. First impressions are important. Your CV is your first impression with prospective employers; you need to make it count. You need to stand out.

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