5 Little Resume Tweaks Employers Are Begging For

5 Little Resume Tweaks Employers Are Begging For

This is not an article about your resume. It’s an article about your future. About getting your dream job.And about saving your valuable time. Related:5 Tools To ‘Spring Clean’ Your Resume Because if you format your resume the traditional way and fire it off to as many employers as possible - just like everyone else - then you’re going to get the same results as everyone else… Frankly, you’ll be ignored. (Read to the bottom for a far easier way to get their attention.)

The Outdated Model

With so much competition in the job marketplace, employers can afford to be more picky. The good news is, they’re looking for specific things, and I’m going to give you five powerful resume changes you can make today to see immediate results in your job search... But first, you know how newspapers used to get delivered to the doors of every house in the neighborhood? And now - where are they? They don’t deliver anymore, right? Because there are better ways to get news. Online. TV. Facebook.

5 Little Resume Tweaks Employers Are Begging For...

That was an outdated model, replaced by something better. And it’s the same way with your resume. So, here’s your update…

1. WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)

When an employer is looking at candidates, they’re wondering... what’s in it for me? Meaning - what do you bring to the table? Will you provide more value than you cost? So, read through their job posting and write out everything they’re looking for. Then, in your resume, touch on those specific points. Clearly show that you have the skills to solve their problems, and that you’re worth more than you cost. Make the benefits you bring to the table abundantly clear, and you’ll make a great first impression.

2. Prove Your Passion

You may not think that your pizza delivery job a few years ago has anything to do with the management position you’re applying for now. However, maybe you decided you wanted to earn as much as possible while there, so you researched driving best practices to minimize your fuel usage. And you read sales books so you could influence your customers to give you as big of a tip as possible. Maybe, as a result of these efforts, you found that you saved 20% on gas from your driving strategy, and earned 20% more in tips than your coworkers from your sales skills. Now, you can use this small example to prove your passion for finding the best way to accomplish a task. You can sell, and you’re data-driven - providing a measurable impact. All of a sudden that pizza delivery job is looking a whole lot more impressive.

3. Create Headings That Sell

Most of us were taught to use boring headings like Education, Work Experience, Extracurricular Activities, and so on., but let’s be honest with each other… Those are boring. Rather, strategically choose your headings so that an employer can glance at your resume, read the headings, and see that you have the qualifications they’re looking for. Find out the top qualifications they’re looking for, and then create descriptive and functional headings like “Communication & Customer Service Skills” or “Event Planning Experience.” These are far more effective, and will significantly increase your chances of getting an interview.

4. Write Powerful Descriptions Under Each Heading

The impact is in the results. So, don’t waste your time telling them about what you did... Share the results you achieved. Maybe you were responsible for creating a $40k marketing campaign, consistently resolving customer complaints, or you thought of and implemented an innovative solution that cut company costs 20%. Those are exciting, and have a measurable impact. Updating a website, communicating with customers, and analyzing costs are not exciting, and not powerful.

5. Craft A Strategic Objective Statement

Here’s a simple formula to use that’ll get their attention right away: Objective Statement = State the position you are interested in + two or three of your top skills that match the employers needs + your career goals or passion for this line of work. So, for example: “Seeking an editing position that utilizes my attention to detail and writing skills and moves me closer to landing my dream job as the senior editor for a national news publication.” Touching on the skills they’re looking for right away as well as your career aspirations gives them a great first indication that you’re right for the job.

The Next Level

Now, after applying these five tips to your resume, you’re way ahead of the crowd. But there’s still work to do to get your dream job, and even more powerful ways to get the attention of your dream employer. That’s why I put together a free video sharing the best job seeking tips of the man who helped me get my dream job a couple of years ago. He’s my friend and mentor, and he’s founded a new list of 500 GameChanging companies - like Google, TOMS shoes, and Patagonia - who are making a difference in the world as well as a profit. Happy job hunting, and check out our free video for more great tips on how to get your dream job with one of the best companies out there. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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