How Salary Transparency Can Backfire On Job Seekers

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Several U.S. states now require companies to post their rates on every job posting, and there's legislation out there that might mandate salary transparency across the board. If you come across salary transparency in your job search, here's what you need to know...

Companies Might Not Post As Many Jobs Anymore 

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In the case that salary transparency is mandated in the U.S., I've heard from employers that they're just going to stop posting jobs.

Wonder how that's possible?

It's simple. Instead of posting jobs, companies will proactively seek talent. This means you will need to have a massive professional network or at least know how to network. Your network is your net worth. About 80% of jobs are already gotten via referral. But if job postings go away, the only way you'll learn about great jobs is if you know what employers you want to work for (create an interview bucket list to help with this).

A proactive job search starts with knowing which companies you want to work for and reaching out to people who work at those companies. Then those people introduce you to hiring managers and you get a job interview. And that will not require giving you any pay ranges.

Once you learn how to do these things you can actually negotiate a higher salary regardless of what they told you the salary range was. And if it doesn't work, have the self-confidence to walk away and find a better opportunity. This all comes with knowledge. It's not rocket science. It's not brain surgery. But it's also not something they taught you how to do in school. It's about being a better job seeker by knowing how to be discerning so you can get what you want and deserve in your career.

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