Showcase Your Brand Value On Instagram In 5 Steps

Showcase Your Brand Value On Instagram In 5 Steps

With over 400 million monthly active users, it’s no denying that Instagram is the platform to be on. Not only is it bursting with community & networking opportunities, but it’s an employer & personal branding haven. Now’s never been a more important time to showcase your brand value on Instagram. Here’s how in five steps:

1. Get Minimalistic

Less is more in today’s fast-paced world. You 5-6 seconds to catch the eye of a prospective employer or client, so you have to be prepared to do everything you can to make your first visual impression count. Simplifying your brand down to a powerful image requires a bit of introspection on your part. Having a brand guide/theme, understanding your audience & what employers or clients you want to attract will help make this process faster. If an employer saw your page what should they be able to tell about you as an employee? What unique perspective can you add that no one else can? How can you visualize your skills & talent?

2. Translate Your Value Proposition Clearly In Your Bio

The bio, or about section is the holy grail of advertising. If this isn’t properly prepared in time for someone to view your page, chances are they will move on to a better candidate. A good bio tells who you are, what you do & how you do it better than anyone else. What problems can only you solve? What’s a skill that you know increases your value & interest? What’s your specialty? Make sure it’s between 30-150 characters.

3. Get Vocal Through Hashtags

People underestimate the power & value of hashtags. Sure they seem annoying but they act as a way to connect with the larger digital community as a whole. You can learn what your favorite celeb is up to, or the most sought after skills by a simple hashtag plug, so USE THEM! Here’s a trick:Research popular hash-tags in your industry & when you’re ready, paste them in the comment section instead of the caption. Not only will you decrease the likelihood of people being annoyed, but you will jump-start a potential conversation.

4. Learn The Basics of Story-Telling

We all know that a basic story has a beginning, a middle & end. For Instagram a story is not as linear. A story can live as an emotion, object, or place. The cool thing about Instagram is that people are able to create their own story through what you post & develop their own interpretation. Everything you choose, down to color & timing, matters.

5. Peep What Popular Brands Are Doing

This might seem obvious, but in order to know where you stand, it’s important to check out the competition. We never recommend deliberately copying someone’s ideas, but it’s important to know what’s going in the ever-changing world around you & where you fit in! These tips will help you increase your brand value on Instagram, so definitely put them into action. Also, check out this amazing article if you have time.

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