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3 Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

3 Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

Life is full of change and often times that change occurs in our professional lives. It also often seems to be directed by others and out of our control. Yet, there are also many times in our lives when we desire change, when we, in fact, NEED change to keep us inspired and motivated. So, how do you truly know when it’s time for a career change? There are three key signs that are clear indicators you’re ready for things to be different:

1. You’re bored

You wake up unexcited to start your day or simply feel like you’re in neutral gear. You’re on automatic pilot and are going through the motions without any real energy or excitement behind what you’re doing.

2. You Start To Lack Patience Everyone Around You

Things that used to be interesting or problems that used to be challenging to solve now simply annoy you. You've been there, done that, and don’t know why you need to do it again. The idea of having to do it again, deal with it again, or listen to another complaint annoys you. Your patience has worn thin for the “normal” issues in your job.

3. You Begin To Feel Antsy

You’re restless and you know there is something else you could do; in fact, there is something else you feel you want to do and, whatever it may be, you are beginning to feel eager to get there and do it. So, what can you do if you begin to feel these things? Well, perhaps you have a really great job with a company where you enjoy working. If that is the case, you can look for other opportunities inside that company or look for ways you can expand your skill base through taking courses, leading project teams, or getting certified in a particular skill that will benefit your career growth. Talk to your boss or a mentor about the types of things that will re-energize you and then take action to make those things happen. Or, perhaps you are more interested in exploring opportunities with other companies or in a different line of work. Take steps to further explore what options you have and they type of work that truly motivates and energizes you. The idea is to do something that excites you and invigorates you enough so you are no longer bored, impatient, and antsy. If and when you begin to feel these things, view it as an opportunity to explore new ways to engage and challenge yourself. Being aware of the signs you are ready for a career change is a great way to ensure you take some action before any of your boredom or impatience begins to impact your performance. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock