The Top 7 Soft Skills Necessary To Survive As A Lawyer

Law student has the skills needed to become a successful lawyer

Maybe you grew up watching Law & Order, maybe you're known for always winning an argument, but do you really have what it takes to be a successful lawyer? These seven soft skills are necessary to succeed in the world of law.

Becoming a lawyer can be an exciting undertaking. It is a prestigious profession that is known to pay well, but it is also a major endeavor with long hours, hard work, high stress, and, not to mention, all of those student loans.

Before applying for law school, one should not only consider if they are ready for the lifestyle of a hard working lawyer but also make sure they have the natural inclination to survive in such a cutthroat industry.

Do you possess these skills necessary to become a successful lawyer?

Strong Communication Skills

Lawyer with strong communication skills


As a lawyer, you must have both strong oral as well as written communication skills. From making presentations in front of a courthouse, to meeting with clients, to writing briefs, contracts, and emails—you must possess the ability to effectively communicate.

Your communication skills will be needed to create strong and convincing arguments that hold the power to influence. Do you know your communication style?


Two lawyers with good teamwork skills working together on a case


Working as part of a team is essential in the legal profession.

In this industry, you will need to know how to play well with others. Successful lawyers are able to set aside ego and work as a team towards a common goal. The workload is too much to take on all your own; you will need to be able to scout top talent and delegate to your colleagues to get the job done.

You will be collaborating with your co-workers, clients, and other essential professionals to reach a successful outcome. A crucial part of the job is having the ability to develop and nurture relationships with colleagues and clients as well as networking with prospective clients.

Keep Your Cool Under Pressure

Lawyers going through paperwork


The expectation to turn around large amounts of work under tight deadlines would stress anyone out, but a lawyer needs to keep their cool in order to stay focused.

Nearly all of the work requires problem solving for difficult situations. You have to assume the stress of your client while keeping your cool. Do you have the right strategies in place for managing stress?

Research and Analytical Skills

A lawyer researching information for his case


Lawyers need to be prepared. As a lawyer, you will need to be able to read and process large amounts of information while having to parse that information down to something understandable and sift out the important bits. You will need to be able to perform for your clients by quickly researching all potentially relevant information and conducting analysis to prepare legal strategies.

At times, your research can lead you to multiple conclusions. You will need to draw upon your analytical skills to choose the most suitable.

Detail Oriented

A detail-oriented lawyer signs a document


From research to communication, your eye for detail matters.

As a lawyer, you must have a keen eye for accuracy. Any errors in documentation could throw an entire case out the window. All documentation from emails to memos must be flawless. One misplaced word on a contract could have a severe negative impact.

When researching, you must be able to review large amounts of information while retaining the smallest details. It's those small, easily missed items that can break a case wide open.


Lawyer uses his good judgement when talking to his clients


In this profession, you need to be able to assess information and draw balanced conclusions. You must also be able to know all weak spots of your judgement as well as the opposition in order to prepare for all potential arguments.

Legal issues can be very complex and solutions aren't always black and white. At your core, you must possess strong judgement. You will need to be able to draw a logical and reasonable conclusion based on the limited amount of information available.


Lawyer persevered through a difficult case for his client


Being a lawyer is challenging and not a profession for everyone. Things don't always go as planned, and with each project looms the potential for negative repercussions causing harm to your client and/or others. It is high stakes and grueling. It is a job that, while rewarding, requires long hours, tight deadlines, and highly stressful situations.

A good lawyer must have the tenacity and perseverance to see each individual project through and fight for a successful outcome.

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While working as a lawyer has its many challenges, if you possess these core qualities, you are well situated to make it as a successful lawyer.

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