Top Social Media Sites for Nurses

Top Social Media Sites for Nurses

Networking with peers is essential to professional growth and career success. Whether you’re pursuing your Registered Nurse license or already a nurse midwife, social media sites are now making it easier for nurses around the world to share professional advice, ask questions, and stay informed about new job opportunities and advancements in their field. So where are nurses congregating online? Here’s a list of a few social media/networking sites nurses frequent to connect with each other:

The Nurse Company

With a clean, classic interface, is essentially Facebook for nurses. It comes with many of the social networking tools that Facebook provides, like a profile, wall and even friend suggestions for nurses you might know. Similar to Facebook, You can post photos, start groups and comment on your friends’ statuses. This is a perfect way to increase the size of your professional network while keeping it organized, and on a platform that is accessible and familiar.

Nurse Together

The articles, blogs, forums and job listings found on all speak to the sentiment that the website’s name suggests: Nursing is a community effort. Nurse Together is an excellent place for nurses to seek out both professional and lifestyle advice. In the “Education” section, nursing students can find useful tips about the process of becoming a nurse, as well as information on the many career different paths a nursing degree opens up.

Ultimate Nurse

The forum on is an excellent place for novice and veteran nurses to find information about technical developments in the field, job openings and nursing news. By creating a username and password, you can log into Ultimate Nurse to read and comment on the thousands of threads covering topics like “LPN vs. RN vs. BSN” and “Nursing Education News.”

Facebook and Twitter

Although not catered specifically to nurses, the social network behemoths Facebook and Twitter offer great resources for nurses looking to connect with their colleagues. Facebook group pages like Nurse Rounds and Nursinglife, and Twitter feeds like @NurseZone and @RNCentral all provide a place online for nurses to learn, interact or even just vent. Twitter chats like #RNchat and #hcsm designate a specific time and date in which health care professionals come together to talk about issues that matter to them. Through Facebook and Twitter, you can even start your own online nursing community — one that may eventually come to help your fellow nurses as much as the aforementioned sites can help you. This article was written by Social Media Outreach Coordinator Erica Moss, on behalf of CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner, 2tor — an education technology company that partners with institutions of higher education such as Georgetown University to deliver their Masters in Nursing degree online.Photo Credit: Shutterstock