Here is why we are giving away FREE information on Facebook!

You may have seen the article our Founder and CEO J.T. O'Donnell wrote about why we were choosing to delete our private Facebook Group with 37 THOUSAND members. You're not the only one, Facebook approached us after that was published with an amazing proposition....

Facebook approached us with the idea of a Facebook subscription model, something unlike anything that is currently out there. We could upload videos, courses, PDF's, and even have individual chat rooms ALL ON FACEBOOK! Not only that, but every single person gets to try the group for FREE for an entire week with unlimited access before committing to a monthly subscription.

We decided on a feasible option for our group, $4.99 a month that allows them access to exclusive courses (we add more each month) live Q&A with certified career coaches 2/week, a new video each week and bonus content added every other week. To put it simply, we are offering our members the chance to have a Work It Daily exclusive membership all on Facebook.

Here is an example of what the group looks like from a member's point of view:

An Insider Look Into Our Facebook Subscription Platform

You can see the courses we have in the group so far, a welcome course, and a 28 section Job Search Plan course. The files is where our downloadable PDF's can be found and the chats is where our various chat rooms are. We even created one called Job Frustrations where we encourage our members to vent about their job search or current situation in a safe and secure platform with like-minded members!

Join Our Facebook Group!

You can have access to premium courses, downloadable pdf's, twice weekly Q&A's and weekly videos! Does this sound too good to be true? Sign up for our WEEK-L...

If this still sounds too good to be true (we promise it's not!) then sign up for our FREE WEEK LONG TRIAL where you can have exclusive access to the entire group! Sign up here

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