5 Benefits Of Using Facebook For Job Search

Individuals have been using Facebook for years and more and more companies are creating their own accounts. This is allowing job seekers to use the most popular social media site for finding a job. By using things like the search function, networking with people in your industry, reaching out to friends who know of career opportunities, and announcing your availability, you will be able to benefit from using Facebook.

Benefits Of Using Facebook For Job Search

Here are five benefits of using Facebook for job search:

1. Networking

The first benefit to using Facebook for finding a job is the fact that can network with potential colleagues and business associates. Since the majority of people are on Facebook, for business and personal reasons, you can use this to your advantage. Many professions require networking to be noticed and get your name out there, and the largest social media website is the best way to do that.

2. Updating Your Status

Businesses aren’t the only ones that will help you get a job through Facebook. When you’re looking for a job, finish your education, or considering changing industries, update your status with the change. Family, friends, old co-workers, and acquaintances might have the inside track or know a company looking for someone that matches your qualifications. Keep your status updated on a regular basis about your current “status” of employment and you will benefit from it.

3. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new feature on Facebook that provides you with current job listings. You can search it just like you would any other job posting site, such as your online newspaper website, Craigslist, or Monster. It lets you see what companies are hiring and what positions are available.

4. Facebook Groups

Another great benefit to using Facebook for finding employment is through Facebook groups. You can join different groups according to your experience, education, industry, or even your interests. This lets you follow along with other discussions, see job openings, and network with others. Facebook groups require invites but once you’re in, you will be able to get the inside track to potential job openings.

5. Ad Posting

One thing many job seekers don’t think about is ads on the site. If you work as a freelancer, artist, or similar position, the best thing you can do is post an ad on Facebook. Choose your own criteria on the ad, such as certain people or businesses you want it to attract. Be brief yet descriptive about the type of experience you have or what kind of job you’re looking for. You would be surprised how many hits a simple Facebook ad could get you; maybe even the job you’re looking for. Another way to use ads is by looking at ads others post to see if companies are posting about their current job openings. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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