How Twitter Hashtags Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

How Twitter Hashtags Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Everyone probably remembers the first time they heard about Twitter and about how young people were throwing around their one-liners about sitting on the porch, walking to the mailbox, walking back to the porch, sitting down... Well, you get the picture.

But since that time, Twitter has evolved into an amazing resource for companies seeking customers—and even job seekers looking for work.

One reason seekers have had success landing jobs through Twitter is because of the use of hashtags, which function as mini search tools. They help others find you and your comments based on your use of the number sign (#) followed by specific words (e.g., #lookingforwork). Let's take a closer look at how Twitter hashtags can help you find a position.

Twitter Hashtags Can Help You Find A Position By Networking Successfully 


Hashtags have worked wonders for job seekers attempting to reach out to networks of people in hopes of acquiring help in finding work. This is because networking has become its own beast on Twitter, and hashtags have functioned as its catalyst.

For instance, if you use the hashtag #finance and then note that you're looking to network with others who are seeking work in the field, you're likely to connect with others who have utilized or searched the same hashtag with the same interest. Twitter is a community created to communicate and connect with others, so take this opportunity to meet new associates with similar interests.

Hashtags Help Recruiters And Hiring Managers Find You


Another great use of Twitter hashtags is sending out the message that you're looking for work. This has been accomplished with great success under the #hirefriday hashtag, which is utilized on Friday to help both recruiters and hiring managers find job candidates who are actively seeking employment.

There are other hashtags out there to help recruiters and hiring managers find seekers if the seekers incorporate them into their tweets. They include #dreamjob, #hireme, #internship, #laidoff, and #jobsearch.

Top Job Seeking Hashtags

By conducting your own Twitter searches, you're likely to locate job opportunities that could help you find work. Here are some popular hashtags companies and recruiters use to lure candidates: #benefits, #career_fair, #compensation, #hiring, #HR,#interviewing, #jobposting, #recruiting, #resumes, and #training.

And, if you're hoping to draw some attention to your own search, consider these hashtags: #BA, #CV, #resume, #employment, #jobhunt, #MBA, #needajob and #resume, along with your short message that incorporates a tiny URL linking to your resume. When using hashtags, it's good to utilize ones that are likely to be searched by others so recruiters and networking buddies can find you.

Interested in learning more about Twitter hashtags? Download our FREE job seeker hashtag cheat sheet and learn how to tap into the hidden job market to find your dream job.

Another way to stay ahead on Twitter is to follow all the companies that you're potentially interested in working at, along with other accounts related to the industry you're interested in, along with relevant job search accounts.

It's also important to remember that Twitter is just one tool in a changing world where social media has become a major factor in the job search. Be sure to review your social media etiquette and update your LinkedIn account to make sure you're getting the most out of it.

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