3 Benefits Of Studying Abroad In Israel

3 Benefits Of Studying Abroad In Israel

Are you interested in studying abroad? A semester or a four-year course of study in another country may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Being away from family and friends for an extended period may prove to be quite a challenge for young people, but others may find the experience not only rewarding but transformative as well. Related:Want To Study Abroad? 6 GMAT Preparation Tips Spending time abroad provides students with the opportunity to discover more about themselves and what they can do outside their comfort zone. The benefits of higher education in a new environment are vast, especially if you consider that learning encompasses all aspects of life, not only the academic. The State of Israel, located in the western part of Asia, is often overlooked as a country of choice when it comes to educational programs. This is due to the lack of knowledge on the subject more than anything else, which is a bit unfortunate because many of their educational programs are multidisciplinary, cover different areas of scholarship and offer foreign students more than is expected from a period of study abroad in Israel. Here are the top three benefits that can come from studying abroad in Israel.

1. New Challenges And Perspectives

Most higher education programs in Israel are taught in English, but away from the classroom, international students will be able to learn Hebrew and Arabic, the country’s two official languages. As a result, they will also be able to learn more about the Israeli culture and interact and communicate well with others. This provides students with more opportunities to immerse themselves in the Israeli way of life; make new friends and ultimately see the world from an entirely new perspective. This outlook is carried over when students return home; they begin to see the significance of things that they once overlooked as younger, less experienced teens. Likewise, by being able to see things from new perspectives, they have a broader understanding of the world and the diversities of its people.

2. A Variety Of Courses

Israel offers different undergraduate and graduate programs to suit students’ varied interests. Popular courses are in the fields of economics, business, psychology, Jewish studies, and history. There are also colleges and universities that offer special programs in diplomacy, leadership, and entrepreneurship, among others. Most institutions offer scholarships and financial aid programs to qualified students from different countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and Denmark. Aside from the regular coursework, students may also explore other areas of interest such as music and dance. Some schools also offer certificate courses on Hebrew literature and Biblical scripture.

3. The Employment Advantage

Human resource personnel usually ask job applicants what their edge is over others. For those who have experienced study abroad in Israel and other countries, they can show the skills they have learned such as mastering a foreign language to knowing how to interact with people from different cultures. International graduates of Israeli schools can show how they can manage cross-cultural situations confidently. Business students, for instance, who gain insights from studying abroad, are able to have a better grasp about world economy. Employers are able to see this not only as stored knowledge but valuable experience as well. Studying abroad develops confidence, independence, cultural sensitivity and a wider view of the world. Grabbing the opportunity to study abroad Israel can definitely be one of the best decisions anyone can ever make.

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