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Organizing trips can be challenging enough when you are travelling for leisure. When travelling for business, though, the stakes are higher and the workload increases twofold. However, business trips offer the opportunity to display your versatility, resourcefulness, and capability in working outside your comfort zone. Related: 5 Job Search Tips For Landing A Job Abroad To help you conduct a successful business trip and stand out in the office, keep these tips in mind:

1. Packing

Packing is often the most stressful aspect to any trip, but the challenge can be lessened in variety of ways. Firstly, it is worth keeping a drawer of travel essentials fully stocked at all times so to avoid the frantic last-minute rush. You should also give yourself a set amount of time to pack before you have to leave the house. This will mean that you won’t find yourself scrambling around inside your suitcase because you have forgotten whether you packed your favorite red tie the night before. When flying, if possible, avoid checking-in luggage. This will save you money, time, and grant you greater flexibility when away. Finally, it is a good idea to take ‘end-of-life’ clothes with you to dump the other end. This will lighten your luggage for the return journey and help keep your wardrobe back home in order.

2. Smart Travel

The saying ‘money is time’ is never more appropriate when travelling on business. To ensure that you do not waste your time it is important to carefully arrange your travel itinerary. Firstly, ensure that you have checked whether your flight is a ‘non-stop’ or ‘direct flight.’ A ‘direct flight’ may still stop at another airport on the way to your destination, even if you are to remain on the same plane for the duration of the trip. Once you are at your destination, whether it be the tuk-tuks of Bangkok or Chicago’s subway, when possible you want avoid public transport. Instead, utilizing something like a limousine service will mean that you avoid delays, and can spend the time en route productively, whether that is to and from the airport or around the city.

3. Gadgets & Gismos

There are many great apps built for the purpose of helping those travelling on business. Evernote is a program that allows you to organize the disparate aspects of your life, ranging from memos and schedules to recommended restaurants. Check-list is an iPhone app that helps you track your pre-departure tasks, and when on the plane, Etymotic hf3 earplugs provide you with the peace to work of sleep. Perhaps the simplest recommendation is the lowly tennis ball, which can be rolled under your foot or between your thighs to keep your muscles from clamping up when traveling.

4. Look The Part

Looking smart and being courteous can win you unprecedented favors. When business is low hotels are able to upgrade guests to better rooms and are more disposed to do so if you have been smiling at the concierge. When checking-in at the airport, being smartly dressed and polite will maximize your chance of being offered an upgrade if one becomes available.

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