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3 Steps For Transforming Your Passion Into A Career

3 Steps For Transforming Your Passion Into A Career

A few months ago, I was sitting in a lounge at a private event…

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Where there was a speaker on stage talking about the best example I’ve seen of transforming your passion into a career. As a young boy, this speaker LOVED Karate. He lived it and breathed it. His parents didn’t have a lot of money. So, when his Dad got offered a job that would cut their family time in half in exchange for a significant pay increase - they had a family meeting to vote on what to do. As a family, they decided that they’d rather have more time together and less money, than more money and less time together... And that was a key moment in this boy’s life because his parents had always told him to follow his passion… and seeing his Dad live true to that advice solidified that value deep within him. “I’m going to teach Karate for a living," the young boy thought.

How He Turned His Passion Into A Career

As the boy grew up, he stayed true to that teaching. He became a Karate teacher, and eventually started his own business - with his own dojo and everything. It was rough at times, but he found a way to make ends meet, and most importantly - he loved it. After lots of hard work, he had created a successful business, and today, he not only teaches Karate... he also coaches entrepreneurs on how to create more success in their business. Now, as inspiring as this story is, not everyone is lucky enough to know what they want to do from an early age. In fact, if you’re reading this, my guess is that you’re like most people - and you’re still trying to “find your passion." And that’s why I started out with this story. Because maybe the reason why you haven’t made it happen is that you don’t believe it’s possible…

3 Steps For Transforming Your Passion Into A Career

Maybe you just need a little inspirationand guidance to create a successful career from your passion. That’s what I want to deliver in this article… so let’s get into the three steps for transforming your passion into a career:

Step 1: Seek Out Inspiration

What you probably don’t know is that I was in the group of people who, maybe like you, didn’t wind up doing what I dreamed of as a child. I had to work hard to figure out my passion and pursue it, and for me, finding someone who inspired me was the first step. That means getting out there in the world and experimenting, having fun, and doing new things. It means learning to listen to your intuition, and following the things that make you happy. As you start down this journey, and open your eyes and heart to finding your passion, you’ll know when you find it. Trust in yourself, and you’ll know.

Step 2: Decide & Commit To It

Sometimes, the best and most inspiring ideas only come to you for an instant, and if you don’t seize them and make the decision to make it happen… then they fly off, never to be seen again. So, when you find that “thing," when you have that moment of inspiration where you feel called to do something… Have the courage to commit to it right then, and start moving forward.

Step 3: Protect And Pursue It

Dreams are fragile things, and they can be crushed in an instant if you let them. One negative comment from a friend or family member, a mistake or small failure, or the fear of not quite knowing what you’re doing can push you right back to the safety of mediocrity… So, guard your dreams carefully from people who may try to crush them. Know that you’ll be tested, and pick yourself up when you fall. Most importantly, take action and don’t give up. That’s how I discovered my passion and turned it into a career I love, and I believe these three steps could work for you, too. Best of luck.

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