3 Habits Of The Ultra-Successful You Probably Don’t Do

3 Habits Of The Ultra-Successful You Probably Don’t Do

Did you know that Hillary Clinton charges $300,000 for a University speech? RELATED: Need some career advice? Watch these career decoder tutorials! Granted, she works an ungodly amount each day (I’ve read that she starts the day at 4am and is in the office until 11pm)... But aside from having a ridiculous work ethic - which you may or may not want to model - what is it that gives super successful people an edge? And how can you become more successful... without working harder and putting in longer hours? Well, after working for a couple of the top entrepreneurs in the world for a few years and studying the habits of successful people for the past five or so years, here’s what I’ve found:

3 Habits of the Ultra-Successful You Probably Don’t Do

Habit #1: Morning Success Ritual

Most people haven’t consciously designed a routine in the morning with the goal of making them as strong and energized as possible throughout the day. Ultra-successful people have. They’ll devote an hour or two each morning - first thing - to taking care of themselves. Here’s just one example of an excellent morning routine:
  • wake up (and get out of bed immediately)
  • drink a glass of water
  • do 20 mins of exercise
  • shower and eat
  • 20 min meditation/prayer/visualizing/journalling… (whatever works for you)
  • 10 min reading something inspiring
So think about what you could do every morning that would help you feel more energized, and give you a boost throughout the day. Try it out for a week, and see how powerful this is. Then, imagine the impact it could have on your life and career if you practiced it for a month, six months, a year, or more.

Habit #2: Master Your Mindset

There are a few things that are certain when it comes to your mindset affecting your life and the results you get: Fear paralyzes you and prevents action. If you truly believed that you wanted (and deserved) something, you’d have it already. And if takes time, practice, and discipline to conquer the tricky, damaging thoughts that are holding you back… so you can unlock your true potential. Ultra-successful people know this, and they actively work at improving their mindset every single day. I know this sounds a little airy-fairy, so here’s a practical example from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself:
"When I first came to America (in 1968), I didn’t have big calves. In 1969, I visited Reg Park at his home in South Africa and stayed with him for a while. He would get up at 5 a.m. to train. So Reg, being my early idol, I got up at 5 a.m. to train with him. The first thing he did every session was 10 sets of calf raises. His calves were a huge 20 inches. I looked at them and said, 'I want calves like that.' So he put 500 pounds on the machine and started his first set. I screamed, 'Five hundred pounds! I’ll rip my Achilles!' He told me, 'When you walk, with one foot in midstride, the other foot is supporting 250 pounds, so both feet can support a 500-pound workload. To really make the calves grow, you have to go up to 1,000 pound calf raises.' I said, 'No way!' In one year, my calves grew two inches. They grew so quickly that some people began to say I had gotten calf implants..."
Had Arnold never conquered that belief, he may not have the massive muscles we all love him for today.

Habit #3: Carefully Choose Who You Spend Time With

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

- Jim Rohn

The simple truth is that our environment impacts us more than we realize - and particularly the people we spend the most time with. So, ultra-successful consciously choose to find ways to spend time with people they want to be like. I’ve heard of some people splitting their time three ways: First, with mentors, or people you aspire to be like (if not in person, than through reading or courses). Second, with peers on your level. And third, with people who aspire to be like you (so, acting as a mentor). Each type of person adds value to your life, and helps you grow and achieve more success. Obviously, most of us spend the most time with people at work. If that’s something you want to change, then the best place (in my opinion) to find a job with the most inspiring people possible would be the GameChangers 500 list of the world’s top For-Benefit companies. Incredible organizations like Recyclebank, Google, and TOMS shoes are on there… And if you want to get their attention and get the job, then check out the free video I put together alongside the founder of the GameChangers 500. Traditional job-seeking approaches are a big red-flag with this group of companies, so you can find out what works right here. Best of luck! Take our Career Decoder quiz!This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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