Why CareerHMO Will Cure Your Job Search Pain

Recently, I got the following e-mail from one of our CareerHMO members. He joined our program after being unemployed for 12+ months. His first time in the network, I remember him telling me how frustrated he'd been with the bad job search advice he'd received, and he was skeptical we could help. Two months later, this is what he sent me:

Dear J.T., I've been meaning to send this e-mail to you for some time and with the roll out of the new site enhancements, now seemed to be appropriate. With all of your help and guidance, I have landed a new job. For over a year, before I found CareerHMO, my job search was going nowhere. Following your guidance, the activity took a significant jump. I believe two things were very key to landing this position. 1. Networking. As you so accurately teach, leverage the network. I kept in touch with two business acquaintances and sure enough they passed my resume on to the hiring manager for a position that was NEVER POSTED! The hiring manager said to me they didn't want to have to wade through the mountains of resumes if they posted the position so instead they asked their staff if they had any recommendations. They recommended me! 2. Taking the time to complete your Interview Prep Program. When I sat down for the interview and the HR person started to ask me questions I felt like I had stolen the opposing team's playbook before the Superbowl. I was so prepared and when I wrapped up the interview by asking my questions (from your list) I could tell they were not use to that. Instead of the interview ending after the HR person, I was walked over to the hiring manager. After being interviewed by him he said, "Are you doing anything for lunch? I think the VP of the department would like to meet you." When he said that I knew I was "in." I will continue to utilize CareerHMO (because all jobs are temporary) and I will continue to share my experience with anyone who is stuck in their search. Thank you, thank you, thank you again and again, Wally
E-mails like this are exactly why I built a CareerHMO... because NOBODY should job search alone! Given every job is temporary and Americans can expect to have as many as nine careers in a lifetime with an average of three jobs in each one, a subscription to our network will more than pay for itself! It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is sometimes considered a tax-deductible job search expense. So, there's no risk! Why not join and experience first-hand the power of CareerHMO? You could be our next success story!   CUT YOUR JOB SEARCH IN HALF ►   Photo credit: Shutterstock

In our new YouTube series, "Well This Happened" it's your turn to be the career coach! What would you do if you asked a coworker when the baby was due and she responded with, "I'm not pregnant." Watch the video and cast your vote b posting a comment on Youtube. We'll select one person from the correct answers at random to win free membership to the Work It Daily program. Good luck!

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