Unemployment: 3 Critical Job Search Tips

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When you are unemployed and looking for work, a job search can feel even more pressuring. The lack of income and feelings of insecurity make it hard to stay positive and focused on the goal of getting hired. However, it doesn't have to be that way!

You're not unemployed. You're "between jobs" and looking for your next career opportunity.

Following these three critical job search tips will help you seize this new opportunity...

Avoid Negative People At All Costs

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Support groups seem great in theory, but are often ineffective in practice. Be selective of which events you attend and be mindful of the company you keep. If you aren't leaving the events feeling happy and energized, then you shouldn't go anymore.

When looking for work, mindset is everything. It can be hard to stay positive. There's no need to make it harder on yourself by spending time with people who make you feel worse.

The same applies to friends and family who put you down or make you feel bad about your employment situation. Stay clear of anyone who can't help you remain positive!

Get Extremely Clear On How You Are The "Aspirin" To An Employer's "Pain"

Getting hired is all about showing an employer how you can save and/or make them enough money to justify hiring you. You must be very compelling. You do that by proving to them that you will alleviate some major pain.

Focus on the problems companies in your industry are experiencing and initiate dialogue with as many professionals in your field as you can to discuss this problem and how you solve it.

You must brand yourself as a specialist who can add value—aka be the aspirin to an employer's pain. Otherwise, you'll find your job search stalling from a lack of focus on your part and a lack of interest on the employers' part.

Always Be Proactive

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Applying to endless jobs online is the most ineffective job search tactic an unemployed person can use. You will often be screened out automatically for not currently working. Is it fair? No. But it's reality.

The solution is to actively network, either online via LinkedIn or at in-person or virtual networking events. If you have a bucket list of companies that you want to work for, you can start by trying to make connections with individuals at those companies. That way, you can get on the radar of the important players at those companies and have meaningful conversations with them. That allows you to potentially circumvent the online application process and get referred for jobs directly.

This is the single best way an unemployed person can remove the stigma that comes with their employment status. If you get referred by someone, the fact that you aren't working becomes less important. So, get out there and connect.

Remember, the job search is changing, and those who are the most proactive tend to get the best results.

Being out of work is challenging, but it doesn't mean you can't find work. It does mean you need to ramp up your efforts and pay close attention to how you are conducting your job search. Follow the tips above and they should help improve your chances of getting interviews.

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