5 Quick Tips For Working In Walking At Work

Everyone knows that you should walk around every once and awhile, especially if you have a desk job. But do we walk enough during the work day? Probably not (I know I don’t). Related: The Negative Effects Of Sitting All Day Well, surprise, surprise – sitting all day is terrible for your health. In fact, it increases your chance of depression, anxiety, and premature death. Yeah, these are some of the not-so-awesome side effects of sitting constantly. (Are you out walking yet?) If you need more evidence that walking is a crucial addition to your daily routine, check out these compelling reasons to get walking at work:

It Helps Your Back Pain

Have a bad back? Sitting all day probably isn’t the best thing for it. But, hey – good news! Turns out walking helps relieve chronic back pain. So, if you’re back isn’t happy, get up and take a little stroll around the office.

It Makes You Live Longer

Yes, exercise makes us healthier. But did you know that speed walking can make you live longer? According to NBC News, people who walk about 2.25 mph or faster live longer than others of their age and sex who walk more slowly.

It Gives You An Excuse To Enjoy The Weather

It’s a beautiful day – get outside and breathe in that fresh air, soak up a little sun, and get your walk on. You don’t know how many nice days there are left before it gets cold and icky! Take a quick break, rest your brain, and –in the words of Nike- just do it! You’ll come back to your work feeling refreshed and energetic.

It Makes You Happier

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.” – Elle Woods Enough said.

Quick Tips For Walking At Work

Okay, so you’ve got the reasoning to get off your butt during the work day, but how can you fit it in? Here are a few quick tips for working in walking at work: 1. Skip The Drive Thru – Instead of picking up your coffee while you’re driving to work, walk to the coffee shop. 2. Get A Group – Get fit and be social! Find a few co-workers to walk with each day. 3. Add Walking To Your Schedule – Sometimes, we get so caught up in work that we forget to take breaks. To avoid this, pencil in walking times on your calendar. 4. Leave A Pair Of Sneaks At The Office – Leave a pair of comfy walking shoes at work. That way, you won’t destroy your feet by clacking around all day in your heels or dress shoes. 5. Get An App – Find a walking app for your smartphone to track your progress. I use a free app called RunKeeper, but there are tons of great apps out there. It’s a great motivator! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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