The Perfect EMOM Workout For Busy Professionals

Man does an EMOM interval workout at home

Are you short on time but still want an effective workout? This EMOM workout might be perfect for all you busy professionals out there.

EMOM stands for "every minute on the minute." Before you begin your EMOM workout, you'll want to set up a one-minute timer for the minute-long intervals.

We're going to lead you through 10 different exercises. Each exercise has a certain number of reps you need to complete. The goal is to finish the reps before the minute is over so that the remaining time in the interval is your rest.

You can go through this circuit once for a 10-minute workout, twice for a 20-minute workout, or three times for a 30-minute workout—depending on how busy you are! Make sure you warm up before you start.

Grab a water, take a look at the moves, and try this EMOM workout for yourself!

The EMOM Workout

1. Reverse lunge to balance with a bicep curl (10 reps, right leg)

2. Pop squats (30 reps)

3. Reverse lunge to balance with a bicep curl (10 reps, left leg)

4. Four plank jacks to two bear holds (10 sets)

5. Chest fly with leg extension (12 reps)

6. High knees (30 each side, 60 total)

7. Glute bridge with an abductor pulse (20 reps)

8. Mountain climbers (30 each side, 60 total)

9. Squat to bicep curl with a shoulder press (10 reps)

10. Plank toe taps (entire minute)

Woman rests after finishing her EMOM workout


We hope you enjoyed this EMOM workout, and were able to get your sweat on! No matter how much time you have to exercise, this circuit is effective and guaranteed to help you get (or stay) in shape.

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Note: Individuals should always speak to their physician before starting a new exercise program, especially if they have pre-existing injuries or physical conditions, and should only perform physical activity they feel capable of doing.