The Importance Of Taking A "Week Of Rest": A Look At Our Innovative Approach To Employee Well-Being

Employee relaxes during his company's "Week of Rest"

At Work It DAILY, we understand that true productivity and creativity stem from a well-rested and balanced mind. This is why we have implemented our "Week of Rest" initiative, where our team takes two one-week breaks each year to ensure everyone has the opportunity to reset and come back even stronger.

As a small, dedicated team of five full-timers and three part-timers, we understand the immense value of taking true breaks from work. Our commitment to well-being extends beyond offering resources like our "Break Through Your Burnout" training and insightful articles on managing burnout: we also practice what we preach. That's why, twice a year, we take a full week off to rest and recharge, ensuring we remain energized and effective in our mission to support you.

The Genesis of the "Week of Rest"

The "Week of Rest" initiative is not just a random occurrence, and Work It DAILY isn’t the first to do it either. Other brands like HubSpot, Nike, Mozilla, and LinkedIn also provide their own versions. It is a carefully thought-out strategy rooted in the commitment to promoting mental health and overall well-being within an organization, brand, and community. Work It DAILY continues this conversation about career satisfaction, work-life balance, and the critical need for dedicated downtime with members and audiences.

The Benefits of Taking a Week to Recharge

1. Enhanced Creativity and Productivity

Rest is not merely about taking a break from work; it is about giving your mind the space to wander, dream, and innovate. Studies have shown that periods of rest can lead to significant improvements in creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Reduced Burnout

Burnout is a growing concern in many industries. It can lead to decreased productivity, low morale, and even serious health issues. By incorporating regular rest periods, we help our team avoid burnout and maintain their enthusiasm and energy for their work.

3. Improved Mental Health

Taking time off reduces stress and anxiety, promoting better mental health. It allows our team members to disconnect from work pressures and focus on personal well-being.

Implementing the "Week of Rest" at Work It DAILY

Our "Week of Rest" occurs twice a year, strategically planned to ensure minimal disruption to our operations and to coincide with American holidays when most employers and organizations are away. During these weeks, all team members are encouraged to leave their work responsibilities and engage in activities that help them relax and rejuvenate. Whether it's spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, or simply enjoying some quiet time, the goal is to come back refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges.

Communicating the Importance to Our Community

Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways to influence positive change. By openly sharing our "Week of Rest" initiative with our community, we hope to inspire others to prioritize rest and self-care in their own lives. Our members have responded positively to this initiative, often expressing how our approach has encouraged them to rethink their own work habits and make room for rest.

How You Can Incorporate Rest into Your Routine

While not everyone may be able to take a full week off, there are still ways to incorporate regular rest into your routine:

  • Schedule Mini-Breaks: Take short breaks throughout your workday to stretch, walk, or meditate.
  • Unplug After Hours: Set boundaries by turning off work notifications during your personal time.
  • Plan Vacation Time: Even if it’s just a long weekend, plan (and TAKE) periods of time away from work.


At Work It DAILY, we are committed to fostering a work culture that values balance, well-being, and personal growth. Our "Week of Rest" is one of the many ways we strive to support our team and community in achieving a fulfilling and sustainable career. As we continue to promote the importance of rest and recharge, we invite you to join us in prioritizing your own well-being, ensuring you have the energy and creativity to excel in all areas of your life.

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