6 Reasons Why Employers AREN'T Calling You

6 Reasons Why Employers AREN'T Calling You

You have been searching for a job, maybe for quite a while… You work hard at it, right? Sure you do. But, for some reason employers aren’t calling you back. Related:10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard Back From A Recruiter In fact, it may seem like a mystery. Do you:

  • Sit at the computer day after day searching for openings?
  • Email, fax, and post your resume to every conceivable opening or site?
  • Check your voicemail and email constantly?
  • Receive more “rejection” letters than acknowledgment letters?
  • Wonder why employers aren’t calling you back?
There is probably a good reason employers aren’t calling you back – you might be surprised to find out why! Don’t worry, at least you aren't alone! Here are a six reasons why employers aren't calling you back:

1. Your contact information isn't correct.

I cannot count the number of times I email a resume draft to a client using the email they have provided on their original resume only to have it returned as nonexistent or just not them. Double check that all of your contact information is included on your resume and that it is correct.

2. You didn't include a cover letter.

A cover letter helps ensure that your resume ends up on the right desk. At the very least, you will be able to indicate what position you are applying for and/or to what department. If you are lucky, you can direct your information to a specific person for consideration.

3. You didn't make it clear that you meet the qualifications.

Use language the employer understands, not internal jargon, proprietary names, or acronyms. Spell out what you have done and can do clearly and objectively (not to mention convincingly)! Use numbers and other concrete examples whenever possible and appropriate.

4. You didn't follow the application directions.

Can you not read? Did you not understand? Did you not care? These are some of the questions employers will ask themselves about you… if they bother to consider your application or think about you at all.

5. You didn't follow up.

…And someone else did. Another applicant picked up the phone, emailed, faxed, or sent a hard copy of their resume after applying online. They know their resume was received, and impressed the employer with their follow up, communication, and organizational skills. These resourceful candidates were called for an interview.

6. The employer is still reviewing applications or has decided not to hire.

Relax, it might not be anything you did or didn't do! Employers are tending to take longer for the hiring process. Hiring and training someone is an expensive prospect and the landscape is changing just as quickly for employers as it is for job seekers. Do all of the above and be patient! Have a plan and reevaluate it periodically, reading all you can about your industry and job search/career planning. I look forward to hearing that you got the job! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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