How Common Are Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses In The UK?

How Common Are Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses In The UK?

An infographic released by accident claims specialists, Blackwater Law, has given a new insight into workplace injuries. Employers that fail to adhere to their duty of care can face tough legal action. Workplace accidents and injuries can be more commonplace than you might expect, and if we don’t have the right knowledge, injuries can occur when they might have otherwise been prevented. Related:Man Down! What You Need To Do When Injured At Work Accidents can occur in a wide range of environment, including some you might not associate with hazards, such as offices and shops. Whether you’re an employer or an employee who has been hurt at work and is unsure about what to do next, it makes sense to enlist the services of a reputable and experienced law firm.

Remove The Risk

You can expect a good quality law firm to deal with all claims efficiently and professionally. Evidence of an injury needs to be recorded, which means that work accident logs should be filled in and photos taken if necessary. It is worth remembering that claims against employers won’t usually bring the company to its knees as any fee paid out usually comes from an insurance policy. The best work injury professionals always keep their clients in the loop about how things are progressing and can explain your various options to you in depth. No-win, no-fee services are usually easy to identify and can take much of the risk involved in making a claim away.

A Range Of Circumstances

The infographic shows that the most common reasons for a claim being made against an employer include work-related deaths, serious injuries, slips and trips, needlestick injuries, diagnosed industrial diseases such as asbestos-related mesothelioma and dangerous occurrences and near misses, such as when scaffolding collapses and explosions. During 2013, 148 people were killed at work, with 39 of the deaths occurring within the construction sector. There were over 78,000 non-fatal injuries. 43% of major accidents were caused by slips and trips, with 26% of all over-7-day accidents also resulting from this. 1.2 million work-related illnesses were reported.

More Figures

Whilst 500,000 of these were new cases, 700,000 were caused or worsened by past work. There are also an estimated 13,000 deaths a year from work-related diseases, including occupational cancers and heart disease. Many of the cancer cases involved lung cancer from things like silica inhalation and mineral oils, with many cases of breast cancer being linked to shift work. It’s also said that 27 million work days were lost in 2011/12 due to work-related illness or injuries, almost 23 million of these being linked to work-related illness. Workplace injuries cost the UK economy £13.8 billion in 2010/11. These statistics clearly demonstrate just how common workplace-related injuries and illness can be. If something does happen to you at work that’s not your fault, it’s only right that you should seek out the compensation you deserve, especially if you are suffering from lost earnings as a result. Fortunately it’s easier than ever to start seeking justice. Accidents at Work Claims

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