Working At Target | Work It Daily

Working At Target | Work It Daily

Target is one of the most successful and well-known retailers in the world. Their success is a result of the positive work environment they've created, where all employees know that their voices matter. Target's commitment to offering the latest products coupled with its dedication to giving back to the community, are few of the many reasons it's recognized as a great place to work.


Target's inspiration and motivation comes from the top down. The leadership team is always present to help team members become the best they can be and develop not just as employees, but as human beings too.


It’s important to foster an environment where everyone feels heard and welcome. Before every shift, Target employees participate in a daily huddle. This is the time during the day when they gather together and share their goals for the day and get each other motivated to do their best!

Values & Beliefs

Target understands the importance of working together to give back to their community. They often have community service days where team members get involved in the community and spend time helping organizations in the area.

Fun Factor

No matter what they're doing or where they are, the team members at Target are always having fun when they’re together! The company has worked hard to create an environment where team members can help guests, but also have a great time together while doing it!

Wow Factor

Target's Internship Program gives students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a successful business. Throughout the course of the program, they're given the tools and resources they need to succeed in their career. At the end of this program, the goal is that they'll walk away knowing all about how the organization operates and will have developed into stronger professionals.

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