Zebit Challenge Day 6: My New Budgeting Mantra

I won’t lie, something about being on the other side of this challenge has me feeling good. I’ve been lucky though, REALLY lucky. There have been no major curve balls (aside from getting sick), thrown my way. I know it could have been different. But, I also know that this challenge has me thinking differently. Here’s how… Related: Zebit Challenge Day 5: My Budgeting Hacks

I’m Playing A Game. (And, I Love Winning!)

I realize that once you start treating budgeting like a game, you can start to have fun. Every little save is a small victory. That’s when it hit me: I needed a mantra I could use each time I pull out my wallet. A simple reminder to keep my head in the game. I came up with, “When I save, I win.” It makes me smile just to say it. Suddenly, each time I pass on buying something or when I do the work to find a better deal, I feel a little voice in my head saying, “You go girl!” I almost want to do a fist pump too - but that would look weird in the store.

What’s Your Budgeting Mantra?

My challenge for you today is to come up with your own mantra. What can you silently repeat to yourself before every purchase to make you think twice - and act accordingly. Feel free to steal mine - I’m pretty proud of it! But, perhaps you need a different motivator? Something like, “With every smart purchase, I become better with my finances.” Or, “For every penny I save, I get closer to financial freedom.” Just choose something that speaks to you positively and addresses your goals. Then, join me tomorrow for my final day of the challenge!

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