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Age Discrimination In Interviews

Recently, I was asked the following question:


How do I deal with age discrimination in interviews?

My Answer

Stop giving them something to discriminate against. In the video below, I hit head-on why age discrimination (against the young and the old) exist. More importantly, I tell you flat out why it’s up to YOU (not the employer) to change. You see, hiring is discrimination. Companies have to screen someone “in” and the rest of the candidates “out" -- and in today’s competitive job market, that’s like picking the perfect apple to eat from a supermarket display... not easy.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The best way to cope with age discrimination is to change your behavior to ensure you don’t meet the stereotypes the hiring managers are wrongly assuming about you in the interview. You need to prove to them that what they think is wrong. And in doing so, you can show them why you are the right candidate for the job.

Practice, Practice, Practice (A.K.A Learn New Tricks!)

If you want to beat age discrimination in an interview, you definitely can’t "wing it" as so many people do. Instead, you need to prepare and go in ready to position yourself properly. Those that don’t do proper interview prep as a way to convey their skills to hiring managers don’t prove they are worthy to join the employer’s tribe - and that costs you the job! While I hate that age discrimination exists, I also know that we can’t sit back and let it beat us. We have to work to beat it!

Your Turn

How have you effectively beat age discrimination? What tips can you share to cope in interviews?

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