Looking For A Job In The Fall? What Job Seekers Should Know As Companies Like Amazon Continue To Hire.

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As the summer comes to a close and schools reopen, it's also the time of year many professionals put more focus on their careers. Whether you're unemployed, looking for a better paying job, or want to change careers, fall is the best time of year to make the career move you've been thinking about for months.

Here's what job seekers should know as they look for their next job this fall:

Take Advantage Of Job Fairs

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Recently, Amazon announced that it will be holding a Career Day with a goal of filling 33,000 job openings from corporate to tech roles. Many other large companies are also currently hiring, and you should check your local community to see if the big employers in your area are holding their own job fairs.

As a job seeker, don't underestimate how much job fairs can help your job search. Attending a few in-person or virtual job fairs not only gives you an opportunity to grow your professional network, but you could very well connect with an employer, drop off your resume, and successfully network your way into the company.

When it comes time to interview job candidates, the hiring manager will remember you if they had a compelling conversation with you. So, what are you waiting for? Fall is the time to put yourself out there!

Give Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile The Attention They Deserve

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Everyone knows your resume and LinkedIn profile are important in your job search. But many professionals don't understand how valuable these career materials are, especially when the job market is as competitive as it is in the fall.

There are two things you can do on your resume to make it stand out to employers: quantify your work experience and accomplishments, and use keywords (hard skills) to get your resume past the ATS.

As for your LinkedIn profile, make sure it's helping, not hurting, your job search. Never use your LinkedIn headline to display your employment status. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by incorporating as many keywords and skills as you can in your headline, summary, and skills & endorsements section.

Having a satisfactory resume and LinkedIn profile won't impress recruiters and hiring managers during competitive times of the year, like fall. Whatever you do, don't skimp on these career materials!

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Fall is the best time to look for a job, but it's also the most competitive. So, if you're conducting a job search this fall, be sure to attend job fairs, optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile, and attend Work It Daily's job search summit if you want to learn all the tools you'll need to succeed out on the job market.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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