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10 Pre-Interview Beauty Quick Tips

10 Pre-Interview Beauty Quick Tips
So, you have finally received a call back from your dream company after weeks or months of endless follow ups! At this point, you intend to grab every opportunity to get hired for the position. Often, the nervousness and stress you go through during interviews could take a toll on your mind and health. This stress can cause you to look older, which can hurt you during the hiring process. To avoid this, check out the following pre-interview beauty quick tips:

1. Dress Your Part

Going to an interview for a writer’s position in a cloistered suit that makes you look constipated is certainly going to jeopardize your chances of getting hired. Therefore, it is imperative that you know your profile and the company dress code so you can plan accordingly. If you are not aware of the dressing styles of the company, research thoroughly (think: industry type, company culture, etc). Remember, clothes and accessories are an extension of you.

2. Wear The Right Shoes

It is important to understand that footwear contributes a great deal in giving you that perfect look. So, make sure you research your industry to determine the appropriate footwear choice for that field.

3. Stick To Tried & Tested

While it is always said that one should dare to be different, don't try a new look right before an interview. Stay away from experimenting unless you are really sure about the look it would give you. It is better to look conventional rather than a walking catastrophe!

4. Highlight Cheeks With Peaches & Figs

Highlighting your cheeks with the colors of your choice might seem tempting, however, when going in for an interview, do up your looks in such a manner that it looks a part of your natural self. So, opt for creme blush to give you a dewy and naturally glowing finish with colors like peach, fig, beige.

5. Professional Hues On Your Nails & Lips

For a polished and professional look, touch up your lips with natural shades of browns, peaches, and pinks. Also, remember to use the lip liner of the same color you are using to fill inside the lips. A clearly defined pout makes you a more attractive conversationalist. Paint your nails with nude shades or shell pinks. Or, just use a nail shiner after a lovely manicure.

6. Be Good To Your Hands

Nothing proves to be a bigger turn off than ill-kept hands and nails. It says something about you and your habits; as if your body is screaming out that “If she doesn’t take care of me, how would she take care of your company?!” So, trim your nails and moisturize your hands properly before you go out to get that job.

7. Take Care Of Your Hair

Do not let a bad hair day happen when you have an interview. Messy, dirty, and limp hair with frizz and split ends sneaking out portray a very shabby image. So, whether you have golden locks or brown, black flowing tresses, make sure to do them up properly.

8. Realize Eyes Reflect Your Confidence

Rimming your eyes with black or brown kohl or waterproof eye liner is a sure shot way to draw attention towards your beautiful eyes (which are sparkling with confidence, of course!). Never sport an out of the bed look. Everyone prefers an alert employee who is fixated in the present moment.

9. Make Sure YOU Are Visible

Wearing heavy bangles, tacky earrings, and big, long necklaces can distract the interviewer’s attention. So, be mindful of dressing up in a way that does not overshadow your natural looks and individuality.

10. Smile!

Do not forget to wear a smile! Your smile depicts your confidence in yourself and showcases your optimism. Everyone likes to be in a company of vivacious people. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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