There are a host online courses available to help people level up in their careers, or learn new skills entirely.

But, to fully take advantage of online courses, you need to have your priorities in order and know exactly what you want to accomplish.

Some courses are offered for free, but there are also many that cost money. As you review available online courses and determine what's worth taking, you may have to consider both finances and time constraints. Consider these four categories when choosing online courses.

Career Growth

Young businesswoman takes an online course to learn new career skills.

Online courses that can help you do your job better are among the most valuable courses that you could take.

It's easy to work in a role for a long time, but not grow in it. You can't let that happen! If your career isn't growing, it's dying. In order to make yourself an indispensable employee, it's important to keep up with industry trends, and constantly take inventory of the skills you need to do your job exceptionally well.

Some companies will even pay for their employees to take courses or certification programs, if the employee can prove it will help them do their job better and ultimately benefit the company.

As far as choosing the right online courses, it helps to write out the specific areas that you're looking to upskill in, and then researching which courses check off the most boxes. LinkedIn Learning has a diverse course selection and the website Coursera has an extensive library of courses.

Beyond doing your job better and making yourself an indispensable employee, there's a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with always trying to get better.

Making A Career Change

Young professional takes an online course in hopes of changing careers.

Breaking into a new industry as a result of a career change or layoff is never easy. One of the first major steps a person has to do is an assessment of professional skills. This is where you determine what skills you have that are transferable to the new industry, and what skills you're lacking.

For example, a journalist looking to make a transition into marketing has important communication and writing skills that will transfer well into the industry, but would probably benefit greatly from a course or certification program in online marketing.

Just because you complete a course or certification doesn't mean you're qualified for the new industry. But, it may put you in a better position to secure a job interview, and it at least shows potential employers a willingness to learn.

If you were laid off and are unsure about your next career move, Work It Daily has free courses and career quizzes that could point you in the right direction.

Gaining Extra Skills


Taking courses to gain extra skill sets or to pursue an additional passion is the most advantageous position to be in.

We all have interests beyond our careers, and sometimes our careers turn us on to additional interests. For example, a doctor with a passion for graphic design may take courses about how to develop a freelance business on the side.

Others may take courses to help transition into a new position at their workplace, or climb the ladder at the company.

One of the best steps any professional can do is to get ahead of the curve and anticipate skills that you may need in the future. Taking this type of initiative will not only impress your employer, but it may also help you learn more about yourself as a professional to either excel at your current career or chart a new career course.

Taking Courses For Fun


Not every online course that you take has to be career-related. Sometimes it's good to just take a course for fun or personal satisfaction. The amount of courses available online run the gamut. You can learn a new language, sit in on online lectures from university professors, discover basic life hacks, and hear from prominent people about their success stories.

Expanding your knowledge base can make you a more well-rounded and happier person. This translates well into all aspects of your life.

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