The Best LinkedIn Tip You've NEVER Heard Before

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I guarantee you've never heard this LinkedIn tip before. You might know that recruiters get on LinkedIn to look for candidates, and they discover the right candidates by searching specific keywords. Now, if you have those keywords in your headline, you will rank higher in their search results. That's where this tip comes in...

Updated Your LinkedIn Headline Every 2 Weeks

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When you have the right keywords in your headline, you're telling recruiters and hiring managers you have those skills and that's where your expertise is. But did you know that every two weeks you should go into LinkedIn and swap out a couple of keywords in your headline?

You should update your LinkedIn headline every two weeks because the algorithm is always looking at people who have recently updated their profile. The first time you update your profile, you'll notice a lot of activity, a lot more profile views. Then you'll notice it starts to drop off because you're not ranking as high in search results anymore. But if every two weeks you go in and swap something out in that headline and hit "Save," it triggers the algorithm to rank your profile higher.

And that's how you consistently get recruiters to look at your profile.

This is one of the many tips that I teach in How To Navigate LinkedIn Successfully. It's an hour-long workshop that I'm teaching this week. You get a workbook, and you get the recording. If you can, attend live. You're going to learn what you need to know to get more recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn.

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