How To Demonstrate To Employers That You're The Best Talent

How To Demonstrate To Employers That You're The Best Talent

Each time a job posting goes up, the employer's mission is to find the best talent for the position. As a job candidate, your job is to demonstrate that you are that person. But the question remains: “How do I do that?" Related:3 Tips For Building A Resume That Makes Your Phone Ring Most people spend too much time on their resume telling their story. The problem is that to demonstrate you're the best talent for the job, your resume needs to focus on your performance. By this we mean focusing on things that will demonstrate to an employer how well you did on the job. It's not about what you did, or your responsibilities, but how well you performed those responsibilities. Your performance is best measured with key performance metrics. They exist in every field, whether it's quantifying results, qualifying results, or both. For instance, if you are in:


Performance may be measured based on how well you met the sales quota and how you compare against your peers. Have you had a track record for going above and beyond the sales quota every month? Are you the top performer at the company?

Manufacturing Production

Performance may be measured by productivity, quality, and safety as well as cost improvement measures to manufacturing production. Did you help streamline production, saving the company time and money? How much?


Performance may be measured based on lowered cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale; higher click-thru, conversion rates, more followers, etc. Is the 50% increase in product sales in the last year a direct result of your marketing campaign? Has the time between a sales pitch and contract signing by prospective clients been cut in half as a result of a new promotion you thought up and led?


Performance may be measured based on increased efficiencies and on-time delivery rate. Has the turnaround time from order placement to delivery been shortened from the average 5 days to 3 days?

Human Resources

Performance may be measured based on lowered cost-per-hire, improved retention, increased performance and compliance. Have you been able to reduce spending of the budget by 30% by focusing on employee referrals vs. hiring outside recruiters to find the right candidates to job openings? Has the rate of turnover declined to an all-time low? Are new employees moving out of the training phase at a quicker rate with business services also improved at the same time? Measuring performance can be done is many ways, and it's necessary for every resume. This is the information that will matter to employers – to demonstrate you are the right talent for the job.

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