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The Internet has not only changed the way we view the world - it has also changed the way the world views us. Social butterfly status is now measured in “Likes” rather than party invites. Binge watching has irreversibly altered the face of television and the Internet might not have killed the video star, but it’s definitely catapulted some unlikely candidates to the position. Related: How To Get Hired By Starting A Blog We’re living in a cyber-driven atmosphere and every posted status update is just that - your clickable, visible, updated status. As such, choosing an Internet identity is a wise move and the best place to start phase one of construction is the blogosphere. Why? Because, unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, blogging offers an adaptable platform that serves whichever purpose you would like. It doesn’t have to be personal but it can be. The audience doesn’t have to consist of your friends and family unless that’s who you’ve chosen as a target. It doesn’t have to be business-oriented, although that is an option. Whether you’re blogging for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with your tone as a writer. You will also hopefully determine your goal as a blogger with very little pressure from the actual world and the Internet will become more of a private space that exists between you and the reader. If you’re treading the waters of professional blogging, your blogging identity is even more important than your area of expertise, although it might not seem that way at first. When I first started blogging professionally, I focused on topics I was already familiar with like my city, the restaurant scene and the music business. Then, I had a client ask me to draft up a post on Justin Bieber and his notorious DUI. Halfway through the post, I found myself feeling sorry for the poor little guy. Sympathy is a dominant side of my personality that occasionally hinders me in the business world. I went through a bunch of revisions and finally just gave in to my aching heart and wrote the piece from a sympathetic perspective. The client loved the post and requested twenty more just like it. After that, I began referring to myself (in my head) as “Cindy the Friendly Blogger." I realized that I just don’t enjoy trashing people. I much prefer crafting inspiring pieces that are full of useful information. As it turns out, supplying the masses with useful little tidbits is my goal as a blogger. This opens up the market for tons of new topics I never would have considered prior to my epiphany. When choosing a blogging identity, it’s best to get as close to your natural personality as is cyberspacially possible. Whether you’re naturally funny, grumpy, sarcastic or spiritual, there’s a place in the blogosphere that has your name all over it. Once you’ve decided on a blogging identity, giving some thought to your goal as a blogger should be next on the list. Knowing who you are will always help you get to where you want to be.

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