3 Tips For Branding Yourself As A Business-Of-One

As the world of work continues to change, the expectations have changed and you, as a solo professional, are in charge of all aspects of your career. You are expected to take the initiative, leave your comfort zone, advertise, market, and brand your unique value to employers. Here are a few tips to help you get started on branding yourself as a business-of-one.

1. Never Wait For Permission

If you have great ideas, then implement them. Don’t wait for permission to show others what value you bring. Get a team together, discuss your ideas, and move forward. This is how you will build your brand, your business-of-one and attract the attention of those who can boost your career to the next level.

2. Don’t Hide Your Accomplishments

If your supervisor isn’t sharing your accomplishments with higher level administration, make sure you do the sharing yourself. Keep everyone informed of what you are accomplishing. This doesn’t mean you have to brag and show off your accomplishments to everyone. Instead, make certain that you are receiving credit for the good things you are doing for your organization, acknowledge those who helped contribute and pay it forward whenever you get the chance. When others are aware of the good you are doing, it will make its way to those who can help move you up the professional ladder.

3. Don’t Let Anyone Outwork You

The actor Will Smith once said that he may not be the most talented person for the job, but one thing he guarantees is that no one will ever out work him. And, this gives him the advantage when it comes to be chosen for a job. This is an important quality to have when you are building your business-of-one. Working harder than anyone else proves that you hustle, you have a work ethic and you have determination. These qualities will always overpower talent alone. So remember, regardless of your professional situation, you are in control. You have the power to make your own decisions and change your situation for the best. So, isn’t it time to build your business-of-one, brand yourself an industry expert and work harder than everyone else to be the candidate of choice? Isn’t it time to go after what you want? OK, Let’s do this thing! This post was originally published on an earlier date. This post is part of the Professional Independence Project series. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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