9 Career Lessons You Can Learn From Building A Patio

In life we are given many opportunities to grow and learn new skills. A few weeks ago I was told that I was going to help with a patio and the first thought that came to mind was “why me." Then after a while I started to think about this opportunity as a great way to learn something new. Related: 5 Job Search Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten Just like in our jobs we sometimes are given opportunities to do something new or add a new skill. However, we are sometimes afraid or reluctant to say yes, because of the work and energy we must put in or it is uncomfortable because it is new. During these times, like working on the patio we must ask questions and jump in even if it is not all that comfortable. Working on a Patio is like job searching. You need to have a plan, so you know what you need in order to be productive. You need to have some set defined goals. This is important because you do not want your project to last the whole year. If this were to happen you could fill like you under achieved, which in itself could be a learning opportunity. Most importantly you want to be patient and breathe. In life things we want may not always go the way we planned, but believe in your process and if you do things will come together. Below are the top nine skills I gained or had to refine while working on this patio project. These are skills that are useful in any field too. 1. Teamwork (Digging holes, moving rocks and sand, it took a team to accomplish this task) 2. Communication (Making sure we are on the same page.) 3. Attention to Detail (Using a level to make sure everything are even) 4. Patience (Never giving up when it’s hot outside) 5. Persistence (Creating a routine that will make things flow better) 6. Planning (Learned the importance of planning and mapping things out) 7. Goal setting (Setting realistic goals throughout the process, so your momentum does not stop) 8. Flexibility/ Adaptability (Change can be good, even when it rains and clears all the sand you put down) 9. Staying positive (The outcome of all the hard work you put in will pay off, when you land that position or for me when I can invite friends over to eat on the patio.)

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Howard Alexander is a martial artist at heart who has found a passion for the career development field. I have trained in Judo for close to 30 years. The skills, techniques and drive I gained from this sport/martial art have allowed me to become who I am in the career services field, which is a coach, motivator, supporter and believer. If you want to learn more about Howard, visit his coaching page, his LinkedIn profile, or follow him on Twitter. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CareerHMO coach. You can learn more about coach posts here. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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