Career Transitions: Blank Pages Waiting To Be Filled

There is a lot of talk today about career transitions. Perhaps because the economy has forced some people out of their jobs and they need to make a transition, or because people are starting to take a more introspective look at what they want to do and how they want to spend their time. Either way, transitioning into a new career is a frequent occurrence today. Although it can be something that seems overwhelming, it is also an outstanding opportunity for a fresh start; it is an opportunity to begin with a blank page and fill it as you choose. Transitioning into a new career is more than just polishing up your resume and beginning the job search. It is something that should include some self-reflection and focused time so that you can move into the best career for you. The first step in achieving this requires taking a close look at your values. What are the things in life that you value and are you spending enough time doing them? Do you value adventure? Excellence? Family? Peace? As you think of a career change (or even as you think of your current career), ask yourself if what you are doing is in support of your values. If you are making a career transition, now is your opportunity to make sure this happens. Fill your blank page of career options with things that support your values. The next step is to examine your motivators. What motivates you? Think of times in your life when you have felt motivated (at work, at home, doing a hobby). What is common among these situations? List your top motivators and as you fill your blank page of career options, include your motivators. Values and motivators are key aspects in finding your ideal career and doing what you love. Even if you are not in a career transition, you always have opportunities to explore ways that you can realign your current work or career situation to be more in line with your values and motivators - this can be all the difference you need to make your career more satisfying each day.

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