Challenge: Attend A Networking Event

Challenge: Attend A Networking Event

Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to attend a networking event. The truth is, networking doesn’t sound fun or glamorous. In fact, attending a networking event can sound downright terrifying to some people. Just the THOUGHT of walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation out of thin air can trigger crippling anxiety and nausea. However, networking is a huge part of your personal and professional success. Whether you want a new job, more clients, or more friends, networking comes into play in almost every area of your life. If you have trouble meeting new people or get anxiety when you’re in a room full of strangers, consider training yourself to be a better networker. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone! So, make it a goal to attend a networking event in your area this month. Whether it’s a cocktail party, industry-related event, or a traditional networking event, find an event that will allow you to network with other people. The more events you attend, the easier it will be to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Plus, it will allow you to build up your network, which will open you up to new opportunities. Get comfortable with the idea and practice of meeting new people, starting conversations, and building professional relationships. It will be difficult at first, especially if this isn't your strengths, but it will be worth it. Stick with it! It will allow you to create a strong network of people you can trust and lean on when you need help. And who doesn't want that? How do you attend a networking event without getting intimidated? What's your secret to networking success? Tell us! Related Posts:Challenge: Give Yourself Decision DeadlinesChallenge: Perform One Random Act Of Kindness TodayChallenge: Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier

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